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Around the world there are consistently more boys than girls born, however in industrialized countries the gap between the number of boys and girls born is closing. I have three girls and am trying 4 a boy, I cant track my ovulation bcos my period is not regular, what can I do? Beautiful article, my last period was 11 Jan 2014,and my cycle is 26 .how will I track my ovulation and l have 2 girls already, l want a baby boy .
I have two girls and I want my next baby to be a boy, wht do I do, my Last period was 6th may 2014 tnks. Dear Pez, Please have sex only on 16th Night from the first day of your period for a male baby. Lord Shiva Advised to Have Sex on the 16th Night counting from the first day of the period to give birth to a son who will be like a King ! Lord Shiva Advised to Have Sex on the 16th Night counting from the first day of the period to give birth to a son who will be like a King !
You can conceive a boy baby by adding these supplements to your daily routineSupplements can also help in your goal to conceive a boy (how can you make sure you have a boy).
Learn the tricks to increase your partner's sperm and your chances of being impregnated with a male baby To achieve an adequate spermatozoa count and motility men should consider various things that can affect their count.
In your case taking Ist as menstrual cycle, 16th will be date on which you should have sex to get a male baby. And I'm glad we came to Dr Dahiru, Because his pregnancy spell cast put us at ease, and I honestly believe him, and his gods really helped us as well, I am thankful for all he has done, he then told me that I should wipe my tears with such comforting words he told me to buy some items that his going to use to cast the pregnancy spell I did and he made the spell for me and told me when next I meet with my husband I we conceive,at first I thought it was a scam but I just followed my inner mind and I sent the money for him to buy all the items after some months I went to check with my doctor and I was 4weeks pregnant, thanks to Dr Dahiru spell temple,I want to use this medium to tell everyone having similar problem.
The male spermatozoa needs to get to the ovum as soon as possible because it survives for a shorter period of time than female sperm.

You can buy inexpensive pH test strips or a more accurate digital pH tester in local health food stores. According to Dr.Shettles method for you to conceive a boy, it’s all about timing ovulation and charting your cervical mucus.
The faster swimming but weaker male spermatozoa sometimes needs help to get to the egg before the longer living female sperm. The father should also avoid warming up the testicles because male sperm are less resistant to heat than female sperm. Besides ovulation calculator you can also use Chinese Birth Gender Chart to plan baby gender. One supplement that helps increase the quality of cervical mucus and help support male spermatozoa survive is Evening Primrose Oil.
Once you have some cervical mucus you can then test it with your pH strips or digital tester.
It is easy in use, absolutely free and quite accurate.For you to conceive a boy you and your partner must have sex on the day of your ovulation. Start taking this supplement a few months before you plan to conceive and take 1500mg to 3000mg every day. The best way to create healthy sperm is to have a healthful body so be sure that the man is eating well (what to eat to have a boy). You can also try the supplement Guaifenesin that has also been known to help in conception of a male baby. Obesity negatively affects spermatozoa quality and sperm count so it vital that he exercises and maintains a healthy weight.

The reason is that a Y chromosome sperm which is boy swims faster than the X chromosome, a girl. This supplement is found in cough remedies such as Robitussin that people take to loosen mucus and phlegm. Don’t use KY jelly or skin lotions during intercourse as they can impede the movement of sperm. A boy sperm is not as strong as the girl sperm so, they are faster swimmers but they have shorter life span compare to girl sperm. By making the fertile mucus less viscous guaifenesin help the sperm slip through the fluid rather than getting stuck in it. Start by taking 200mg three times a day and if your cervical mucus does not become thinner you can increase the dosage to the maximum allowed stated on the label. In order to reap the full benefits of guaifenesin you should only use it during the five days before ovulation. Ovulation calculator tell you when you’re the most fertile, it increases on having a boy or girl and help you plan for your next pregnancy.

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