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The time of intercourse – A woman’s fertility is at its peak before, during and after ovulation. Trying won’t harm anyone, but still you should be aware of the fact that the chances of an egg released from one ovary and reaching the fallopian tube on the opposite side are slim.
The pregnancy issue for women with one ovary can be avoided by taking some necessary steps.
He or she will do ultrasound tests and blood tests in order to make sure that your ovary is releasing eggs.
Most women ovulate at different times during the menstrual cycle yet some ovulate somewhere between days 11 and 21 of their cycle.

God forbid if your results are negative then do not hesitate to repeat the entire thing once again during your next menstrual cycle. Going by popular perception I would say that it is quite difficult to get pregnant with one ovary but it is not impossible all together. The first day of their cycle is always the first day they began bleeding from menstruation, explains the American Pregnancy Association.
The correct thing to do when trying to get pregnant with one ovary is to get some guidance and follow a systematic procedure. However, you should know that eggs survive less than 24 hours after ovulation and on the other hand human sperm can survive in a woman’s body for several days.

The important thing is to check if you have any menstruation and physical problem before an attempt at conceiving.
Hence, it would make more sense to have sex before ovulation increasing the likelihood of conception.

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