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Many women who are trying to conceive often wonder if they are able to get pregnant on the last and final day of their period. The most important thing to know about getting pregnant is that you have to track your ovulation cycles so that you can know when your fertile days are and so you can know when is the best time to try to have sex to get pregnant. Brittany lives in Kansas City, where she and her husband Austin are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl.
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However, if a woman has an extra-long period, or for some reason ovulates earlier than expected, it is possible that she could actually get pregnant on the final day of her period. There are many ways out there to track your ovulation, from using an ovulation predictor kit, to charting your basal body temperature, to paying attention to your cervical mucus. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

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