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YES!!!┬áTake that!I didn’t want an argument but you brought it to me and I buried you, you loser! Enter a name, email address, song, movie, Twitter user, Facebook friend, brand, business or website.
I went for a ride yesterday and whilst riding I am sure I could feel my backside being bitten whilst ridding, but thought it was not possible as I was wearing bib bottoms. Something took a bite out of me or stung me during my ride on Friday night on my belly through my jersey. Hateful evil useless things, a long time ago me and a mate were surfing one of the Gower reefs, walking back to the car we got savaged. You can't stop them, they are vicious, persistent and above all, f*cking sneaky little bastards. Take non-drowsy antihistamines before your ride, and as above, hit the bite with a blob of antihistamine cream as soon as you feel it. Thankfully they are not as quick as houseflies, so you do have the opportunity to kill them when they pitch on you, although this is not going to save you being bitten if you are riding at the time. I did a bit of googling after being bitten and one person said rubbing your own saliva into the bite can help relieve the swelling as it contains anti-bacterials and another mentioned rubbing bracken on the bite.
I was hoping that the recent unsettled weather would have washed them away, but I was buzzed by a couple whilst out washing the car yesterday, sigh! I guess the human equivalent would be getting sprayed by a fire hose pumping out a fast setting PVA mixture. Bitten on the knee yesterday, the little swine left its mouth parts in me after I swatted it. They were landing out of sight on the underside of my arms (where they felt like a stone being flicked up) and biting thorugh my longsleeve baser layer on my last ride, little bastards.
Turns out they are important pollinators of some flowers, so not useless, but still little bastards.
Fly Babee Sleep Easy cover is not only one of the best stroller covers on the market, it's also the first product in the world to practically address the issues of getting a baby to sleep whilst on an airplane.
7 Natural Ways to Fight the Signs of AgeingAre you starting to notice the first signs of ageing on your skin?
10 hacks to organize the power cord clutter at homeRemove eyesores with these organization hacks! We Try: Globber My FREE 5-IN-1It's more than just a scooter - it's a scooter that grows with your child! The main problem for me when designing such a ship is where to put all the thrusters I would need.
I built a four drill miner with the cockpit in the middle not long ago, I used large thrusters for it instead of smalls.

I just posted this in another thread regarding planets so I am copy pasting it here in case anyone wants to come from there to call me stupid.
I have come to the conclusion that large atmo thrusters are meant for stationkeeping when pointed downward, while small atmo serve best to alter altitude when used in conjunction with large atmo. In context of a compact miner, I'd advise a central large atmo pointed down, with small pipes over or around it as necessary for your connector setup. The main thing with small and large thrusters is that one large equals about 7 small thrusters. I know I could have gone with just 4 or 5 large ones, like yours, but I like to be able to fit the whole ship inside the hole it's drills are making both with right and left clicking them. Large atmos thrusters are useless for any type of worker small ships, 1 LAT area = 15 SAT area, 1 LAT thrust = 5 SAT thrust, 1 LAT weight = 7,8 SAT weight, mining you need to be strong for carry all weight. I'm really disappointed with the balance, i think big things need to be more efficient in all aspects except resources. What thruster setup you use depends on the size of your miner (different people have different definitions of small) and its capacity. While mine won't quite fit in the hole it makes with primary drill fire, it does with the secondary. On topic, a small grid large reactor and four batteries produce 32 and a bit MW (forget what the bit is) which is just over a large grid small reactor's max output.
I always Start with a miner Wich drives towards the ores but when i start mining i do it whilst flying. Having to drive to the location saves you a lot of energy and if you encouter to rough terrain to drive you can also fly over it, if u tip over you can fly yourself back on your feet.
Did not save the one from the screenshot but i was in a good mood so i made you another one. This one also has oxygen support (since keen won't allow us to open the bloody window) and is slightly more powerfull and a longer battery capacity. Easily built from scrapping an atmospheric lander, this is my go-to first tier atmospheric miner. The server im playing on uses some mods like enhanced cockpit, energie shield and some more which i used. There's two drills on the sides and one drill in the center, in a pentagram configuration. Accept it and move on!Fred ran further into the castle with a comforting smile on his face. It is also the first sleep cover to address the needs of putting a baby to sleep whilst on a plane. Fly Babee is a pop-up sleep cover that easily attaches to airline bassinets and all types of strollers - it blocks out 97% of light and movement, it's 100% breathable and provides your baby with a cosy, distraction-free environment so that your baby can sleep easily no matter where you are!

Currently I am working on a larger version with a cockpit in the center surrounded by 4 drills.
My friend designed a very nice, small mining ship which burrows deep into the ground using only LATs, with significant storage space. A baby's sleep routine is so important and we all know that a sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happy parent!
The only problem is if you want to carry more than just a handful of ores you would need close to 20 small thrusters in most directions. My hope is I would be able to put large cargos and still have enough space for what would probably be about 30 small thrusters in at least 2 directions. But I still don't like the fact you need about 30 of them to keep a ship of that size flying. We tend to prefer power efficiency over ultracompact designs, but people willing to sacrifice consumption for compactness could make his design even smaller.
If you add 4 batteries (4,32MW each) you get 32,03MW which is a bit over 2 large grid Small Reactors. Pop science: yesterday's bite has gone red again, presumably because of the new histamines. I noticed a few years ago that if you have one biting you on the back of the leg,if you turn around slowly they fly off as soon as you spot them.
My current design has, I think, 17-18 pointing down, about 15 pointing forward and 10-12 backwards.
Doing the math replacing just the four large forward thrusters would result in 32 small thrusters to take up the same space. It has 32 small thrusters forward and down and 6-10 in the other directions and when full I have to be really, really careful how I fly, especially on descent. I decided on the medium cargos to keep a low vertical profile as it needs to fit in the hole the 2 drills make. At Culbin they seem to have monsters, unlike the one's biting me through lycra on a road climb (road bike!) last monday. Part of this is that it seems too many smalls start lagging me, that and larges seem more forgiving on power usage. I'm also in the process of building a large ship version of the miner for mining ice for the shuttle.

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