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As we get farther into fall and closer to the approaching winter, it can mean a number of things for a number of people.
First of all, the closer we get to winter, the closer we get to the AQHA World Championship Show. Daylight saving time was started for a reason true to its name – simply to have more daylight in the evening hours. If you’re sad about losing that extra hour of light at the end of your day, just think about all the good things this time of year brings with it. The last few days prior to foaling can be especially tedious for the horse owner, farm manager or foaling staff.
The first noticeable change is in the mare’s mammary gland, which begins to enlarge two to six weeks prior to term. The mammary gland secretion changes from a clear straw-colored fluid to a more turbid milk-like substance as the due date draws near. After investing all that time and money preparing for that big event, don’t let your stressed horse become a sick horse. The combination of travel, unfamiliar environments, exposure to other horses, breeding and competing can stress your horses. Whether you’re planning your trip to the AQHA World Championship Show in November or training sessions and weekend trail rides with friends this fall, your horse’s health could be at risk. Un Forgettable competed in five classes to win his Farnam Superhorse title: performance halter stallions, senior pleasure driving, senior hunter hack, senior working hunter and senior hunter under saddle. Un Forgettable made his second trip to the AQHA World Championship Show one to remember as he captured the Farnam Superhorse title November 23. For owner Laura “Shad” Te Grotenhuis of Marshall, Illinois, the win was a culmination of 14 whirlwind months, beginning when she first saw the gray stallion. Tell us why YOU are AQHA Proud, and you could be featured in an upcoming advertising campaign.
AQHA Professional Horseman Bill Bormes finishes up this series by teaching how to position your leg to cue for the sidepass and how to do some more advanced maneuvers. The way a horse correctly sidepasses to the right is with both the left front and the left rear foot crossing toward or over the right front and right rear foot.
Last week we left off where your body is centered in the saddle, hips loose and free, feeling balanced on your horse.

America’s Horse Daily has dozens of FREE reports to help you become a better rider, trainer, competitor and horse owner. Horses don’t often get lung worms, but when they do they are usually contracted from donkeys. At AQHA and the American Quarter Horse Foundation, we know that supporting our youth is paramount. Luckily for our college-bound AQHA and AQHYA members, the Foundation provides financial assistance through general, racing, career path and state or regional scholarships. If English is your preferred mode of horseback riding, get the 411 on proper style, fit and usage of spurs. Acceptable English spurs in the horse-showing pen are unrowelled and shorter than one inch. Sometimes, synthetic progestins that are used on mares are also used on unruly stallions to calm their demeanor.
Horse owners and trainers should use caution and discretion when contemplating the use of altrenogest in young performance stallions destined for a future reproduction career.
Regumate or altrenogest, a synthetic progestin approved for suppression of estrus in mares, is also used to help maintain pregnancy in mares determined to be at high risk. Regumate is occasionally administered off-label to stallions to suppress undesirable male behavioral characteristics that interfere with the horse’s training or athletic performance. Sebastian Petroll keeps his horses at the top of their game for a long time by keeping them in peak health. Once Sebastian Petroll arrived in the United States from Germany in 2001, it didn’t take long for him to become a household name in reining circles.
In fact, since then, not only has he captured multiple titles and become a sought-after trainer, but he has also earned his National Reining Horse Association judge’s card. It starts on November 7, so be sure to check out the live feed all the way through November 22 so you don’t miss anything. There was a great article about preparing for winter in the October issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal. This was for a number of reasons – recreational, conservational and economic to name a few. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and there are just under eight weeks until Christmas.

Some mares can develop a large amount of edema around the udder before the gland itself becomes enlarged.
These equine activities can involve mingling among many horses with unknown health status, which can cause the spread of equine respiratory disease. We hope you’ll join us as the world’s most talented American Quarter Horses and riders converge on Oklahoma City.
Download as many free reports as you’d like, and print copies for your barn, home and trailer.
These horse-industry scholarships help ensure a bright future for many of our AQHA and AQHYA members each year and foster future leaders and ambassadors of the American Quarter Horse. In horses, products can be used off label if there is a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship and there is no licensed product on the market that treats the condition you’re trying to treat. Sebastian trains his horses for longevity and has developed a reputation for having horses that last.
The lack of daylight in the evening is inevitable, whether you’re prepared for it or not. Mammary gland development will be much more pronounced in mares that have previously had foals than in maiden mares. This allows the back of my foot, my spur and the back of my lower calf to be the main contact area on my horse’s side to signal her to move laterally or sidepass. In hunt seat fence and rail classes, riders with lazy horses often turn to English spurs for that extra push. Any liability for the product’s safety and efficacy lies with the prescribing veterinarian. In the male, LH stimulates Leydig cells of the testes to produce testosterone for spermatogenesis and libido. The teats or nipples will remain relatively flat until the last few days prior to foaling, at which time they will engorge or fill with milk. These moves are usually miniscule, never more than 3 or 4 inches from the center of her ribs.

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