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The thing is, while everyone else easily seem to get pregnant, it seems only challenging for you, isn’t? Well, in this post I am going to share 11 possible reasons that could be why your conception is getting delayed (or seem impossible). Your ovulation date can be any date during your cycle, and your periods usually follows after about 14 days. Another symptom is the occurrence of egg white cervical mucus (EWCM), most probably accompanied by an increased sex drive.
Charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is the most accurate way to pin point your ovulation. But you can be sure that you have ovulated when you see a definite thermal shift in your BBT. So when you see a temperature shift in your BBT chart, and if the shift sustains at those higher temperatures for at least 3 days, you can confirm that you have ovulated on the day BEFORE the temperature rise. So if you don’t see a clear temperature shift, obviously you have not ovulated on that cycle and you cannot get pregnant. If many of your cycles go this way, you should consult a doctor and see what treatment should you take to encourage ovulation. Well, I am not going to go into all the details of PCOS and dealing with it, but here’s the gist.
Insulin resistance is a great challenge for people with PCOS; this in-turn leads to over-eating and weight gain.
There are medications to treat PCOS and the treatments differ from person to person depending upon the level of PCOS. Healthy eating, and working out to maintain an ideal weight are two of the most common things you should start doing. Just in relation to what I talked about PCOS, maintaining a healthy weight is so important when you are trying to conceive. You could also be anaemic if you are under-weight and this certainly isn’t a pregnancy-friendly state.

When you are trying month after month and year after year with no luck, this could stress you.
More importantly, the two week wait, popularly called as TWW (the time between your ovulation and the day when you get a positive pregnancy test, or your period) can be killing.
Most women have renamed it as TWT (two week torture) and you will understand that if you have been trying to conceive for a while! If you are someone who grabs a pack of chips and finishes it off in 10 minutes before TV, your baby-making chances are very slim.
The chances that you could get pregnant in a cycle are pretty high 4 days before ovulation, the day you ovulate and the day after. Even if everything is perfectly timed, still, your chance of getting pregnant in a cycle is just 20%. Timing your baby dance every other day during this fertile window maximises your chance of conception. Even though your age doesn’t play much a major role as you might think, it still plays a role. It just takes a little longer, and if combined with other complications and factors, conception could even become challenging at 35 plus. Endometrium is the lining inside the uterus and its thickness should be optimum for conception to occur.
Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrial tissue is present outside the uterus causing pain. The endometrial tissue can grow outside the uterus on to your bowel, ovaries, and pelvic region. But women in their age of 25-40 and women who don’t have children yet have higher chances to get this. Women have successfully conceived after having their endometrial tissue surgically removed.
Also with irregular periods, it becomes highly challenging for you to pin point your fertile window.
During the follicular phase (the time between the first day of your cycle and ovulation) the hormone oestrogen dominates.
But if your progesterone levels are low, your next cycle could start much earlier than this. If you think you have LPD, you should consult your doctor immediately since you might actually be successful at conceiving but unable to hold the pregnancy (and you won’t even know that you are miscarrying quite often).
Finally, if you are not able to get pregnant, you should also see whether your man is sexually healthy enough. If the sperm count is less than normal or if the sperms have low motility, conceiving will be challenging. So you should make sure that you also get your man checked and treat him for any underlying fertility issues.

For couples who are sexually active, on an average it takes about 6 months to a year to get pregnant.
Get FREE tips on beauty, health, wellness and frugal living!Enter your Name and Email address below to get started! 11 Possible reasons you shouldn’t ignoreTrying To Conceive, Women's Health Why am I not getting pregnant? If you are someone who is trying for months and dying to see that “+” or a double line on a pregnancy test, this post is for you. It is 14 days (approximately) between your ovulation and your periods, not necessarily between your first day of the cycle and ovulation.
And this could be a curse unless you understand it fully and change your lifestyle accordingly. When you are desperate to have a baby and when everyone else is getting pregnant just like that, it could stress you.
If you compare how easy it is for you to conceive at 25 and how challenging it gets to conceive at 35, you will know what I mean.
Sadly, if your infertility is caused by endometriosis, taking fertility treatments might not help much. Even though you can know whether you have ovulated or not by tracking your BBT, when you see a shift in your BBT and confirm ovulation, your fertile window is already gone. It is important to change your lifestyle accordingly and put your hormones in balance to regularise your periods.
During this phase the production of hormone Progesterone is high and it is the reason for elevated temperatures. In the luteal phase, progesterone dominates, which is why BBTs are lower during the follicular phase and then they are higher in the luteal phase. Progesterone levels should maintain at the post ovulation level for more than at least 16 days to sustain pregnancy successfully.
If you are trying to conceive for a while and if it is not happening, there could be some medical issues.
If you think you have any fertility issues or hormonal issues discussed above, consult your doctor ASAP!
Use this information as a guide and consult your Doctor if you think you have any of these issues that may delay your conception.
I care for the wellness of my family and want to leave a green earth to the coming generations.

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