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His first stage role: He acted throughout his school days, beginning at a pre-prep school in Notting Hill where he starred as Joseph in the nativity play and earned his first, intoxicating laugh from the crowd when he shoved the girl playing Mary off the stage.
He didn’t want a posh university: From Harrow he went to the University of Manchester to study drama, a deliberate detour from the Oxbridge route taken by so many of his peers. Also – the bit about playing Joseph and pushing Mary off the stage because “I was just furious about how self-indulgent she was being” is Classic Cumby. Yeah, Amelia…remember I kept saying I loved Hiddleston but was slightly being turned off by his fandom? Plus, I was never actually disgusted by Cumberbatch — have always thought he had a VERY strange face, but it intrigued me for some reason. I actually went through all the posts about Cumberbatch here (on Celebitchy) to see if I had said anything I’d have to take back now but…PHEW! Someone else can be his brood mare…age and confidence triumphs over youth and inexperience every time.
Always thought girl-fights were trashy, but DAMMIT, it’s CUMBY we’re talking about! However, you would receive the horrified but willing aid of my husband, stepson and three dogs to stop me in my quest to be The One. For some reason,I often find British (and French) men rather effete, especially if they come from the upper class, and he’s no exception.
I guess I’m really old-fashioned, but does a wedding ring come with that baby he wants to make?

I think you mean English men rather than British as Welsh and Scottish come under British as well. He shoved the girl he was acting opposite -off the stage- during the performance because she was so self indulgent.
Since I obviously just crawled out of a hole, will someone clue me in as to who this guy is?
There are many wonderful — nay, great things we could say about the late Muhammad Ali. But what many people don't realize is how much of an impact he made in the shadows, too. According to additional reports, Ali's public relations manager saw the scene and knew that his client lived nearby. He used the rest of his years to help those in need, working with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Special Olympics, and raising funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. This Looks Like A Tiny Closet, But Wait Until She Pulls The Handle — It’s So Cool! Hospice Worker Walks Up To Dying Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps, Then They Catch THIS On Camera.. In my first year I had the onerous task, having just established myself as a reasonably decent rugby-playing cricketer and footballer, of starring as Titania, Queen of the Fairies. He worked on his scenes with the director, Peter Jackson, shooting against a green screen while wearing a motion-capture suit.

He is not physically attractive nor does he have an attractive personality-evidently from a young age. It’s going to be 2012 meets The Day After Tomorrow in the batshit crazy fandom the world will end omg hahaha!
It kinda restored my faith in his crazy batshit-dom on that matter, that there are still decent fans who would do it for a cause. The first day he stepped on set of the new Star Trek film, joining an illustrious line of British stars who have played the villain in a Hollywood blockbuster, he had a momentary feeling of being out of his depth. The number of people my age, younger now, a whole generation younger, who are fiercely bright, over-educated, under-employed and who are politicised and purposeless really upsets me. As always this man does not photograph but on screen you can’t take your eyes off him. Just minutes later, Ali showed up and it only took him a mere 20 minutes to get the man to hear him out. So when I’m told of my sex-symbol status and all that nonsense I find it laughable, silly.
Also, I was in a very, very long relationship all through my twenties and early thirties [to The Thick of It actress Olivia Poulet], so I know about looking for the right one, I guess.

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