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I know it will go fast, especially considering that we have 4 birthdays, and multiple holiday celebrations between now and then. Pregnancy side effects: The wild and crazy dreams have amped up considerably over the last few weeks. It’s hard to get too upset over aches and pains and exhaustion when I really stop to think about the awesome and exclusive privilege I get of nourishing my child  for 9 months until (after a healthy dose of pain and agony), he comes out, and I get to see his wrinkly little turtle face and feel his amazingly strong grip as his fingers curl instinctively around mine. One of my favorite anticipatory activities for my babies is imagining how they’ll compare to their siblings. So, the other day, when someone suggested that #6 might have brown eyes, I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it.
I thought about including a chart for how many times I pee a day, but something told me you’d be all right without it. Sure I can share…we were taking about names for over an hour last night but have no decisions made yet. You may hate me for this, but with my boys (first two), I was down to my pre-baby weight within a week. The way to tell is to lie down flat on your back and then put your feet flat on the ground with your knees bent. I can 100% appreciate couples saving the baby name until the baby arrives (in fact, I plan on doing that too), but I would love to know a bit more about your naming process. So, when you say your last was a “Christmas baby,” what day was he actually born? Hi, I’m Abbie, and M is for Mama is an unapologetic ode to messy, maddening, miraculous motherhood. It doesn’t matter if I eat only vegetables and lean protein one week and an ice cream every night the next. I don’t mind the weight gain until I try to walk with my husband to the car and have the urge to scream at him to slow the heck down, or when I exercise and get super sweaty after a 15-20 minute walk. I’m trying to remember that everything I do is with a 20 lb weight attached to my chest and belly, which is the only place I’ve gained weight so far.
Sabrina, the writer behind the healthy living blog RhodeyGirl Tests, is expecting her first baby this September with her husband Trig.
I gained a shade over the recommended both times (38 pounds), but was in much better shape and at a slightly better weight to begin with for the first one.
I think with Megan (my 3 year old) I probably gained about 25 pounds in total and with this one (I am 32.5 weeks) I am really not sure. You look adorable I felt the same way pre-pregnancy, “I can totally control this whole weight process! Thanks to a lack of morning sickness and a constant need for carbs I gained 40-45 lbs during pregnancy. I gained 40 pounds with my first pregnancy, lost 30 of that over the next 15 months, got pregnant with babe #2 and gained those 30 back (and not an ounce more!). As for slowing down while growing that belly, I found that just keeping active is the best way to keep active. At 32 weeks when I put on 10 pounds in just 4 days after eating the exact same as I had been the entire pregnancy, I realized that was just what my body wanted to do. So now I sit- 34 weeks and 32 pounds gained, hoping that next week’s appointment is better. I gained 30 with my first and 50 with my 2nd and lost it all both times thanks to breastfeeding!
I usually eat eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, an apple with peanut butter for a morning snack, a salad (topped with yummy stuff like chicken, pecans, cheese, and croutons) for lunch, a kale smoothie for an afternoon snack, almonds + dried fruit for an even later afternoon snack, and whatever I’ve made for dinner in the evening. I’m modifying more and skipping workouts here and there when my body feels particularly crabby.
Other days, I feel…a little like a Mack truck smacked me, backed up, then did it again.
And I was reminded how easy my pregnancies are just the other day when my midwife, Diane, said to her apprentice, “See? Each of my children has a distinct look (well, minus the twins, of course…although, even they are quite unique from each other, once you get to know them), but we do kind of have a Shaun + Abbie = THIS mold that they all loosely fit into.

Then, line your fingers up horizontally (across your belly, not up and down from head to toe) and see how many you can fit in your belly button, gently pressing down toward your spine. You are looking so beautiful and I know many women wishes they looked as great and healthy as you with their first pregnancy, much less their 6th. All of your children have FABULOUS names (especially the girls with their proper first names & sweet and sassy nicknames).
It’s also where I share my favorite non-M-related passions–like thrifting, endless furniture and knickknack rearranging, exercising, baking yummy treats, putting together ridiculously cheap outfits, hot-glue crafting, and typing out my deep (and not-so-deep) thoughts…almost always with one of my 5 children on or near me.
I gained like you – all out front (though my total gains were 23 and 27 pounds for my two pregnancies). I started having back and joint aches and pains after just the first few pounds with my second, which I think were the result of not being in great shape and the fact that it was a second pregnancy. I started out 8 pounds lighter with my first so everytime I look at the scale this time I want to cry! To each their own but I just don’t want to have to lose too too much weight after I deliver. I have a very similar weight loss story and i’ve gained all my pregnancy weight in my torso too! It was tough lugging around that weight (a lot of mine was water weight I think – my legs and feet were so swollen) but I think it would have been much more unpleasant in the summertime (my baby is a February one). You’ve got more inertia now Seriously though, I had a much harder time with my first pregnancy.
Throw in an occasional bowl of ice cream or other treat, and you have the rundown on the never-ending process that is getting (and keeping) me full. I hadn’t weighed myself once during this pregnancy, but I made myself step on the scale the other day because of that whole being 6-months-pregnant business. But for the most part, I still feel better after I make myself sweat and plan to keep going to the end, barring something unexpected. Abbie’s the perfect example of how you really can do a prenatal check-up in 15 minutes. If you can fit two or more, you have some level of ab separation that needs to be healed before you can really work on rebuilding all of the muscles in there (with traditional ab exercises like crunches and planks). I love Jesus, good grammar, and ho-cho (which I don’t get to drink nearly as often as I’d like in the muggy, pine tree forests of East Texas). I naively thought I could control it- much like I’ve controlled my weight for the last few years (before & after pics here). I think that makes it more difficult because your spending energy trying not to topple over lol. Keep in mind, too, that depending on the climate where you live, you might already be gaining some water weight, and while the books sometimes freak you out about that (rapid water weight gain = preeclampsia), most women I know carried a fair amount of water, especially as the weather heated up.
Haven’t been watching the scale, but if I had to guess I would say at least 20 pounds and counting. We moved from an apartment to a house with both a basement and second floor when I was 7 months pregnant and the stairs were killer. My first pregnancy I was only about 18 lbs over my pre-preg weight when I gave birth and the majority of it creeped in during the 3rd trimester. At my last doctor’s appointment my doctor wasn’t happy because I gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks! I am hoping to gain 25 – 30 with my 3rd (and final) pregnancy because I would get so upset and stressed about the 50lbs, however. I generally feel fine, but my initial nesting phase (which came earlier than it ever had before) has kind of petered out, and there are days (like yesterday, ahem) that my planned 25 minute nap turns into an hour, and I wake up wondering when bedtime’s coming.
And Quinn is free-spirited and quirky and bohemian, whereas Mary Katherine is traditional and old-fashioned. And I read every single one and will do my darndest to respond, especially if you have a question. I will admit that I really, REALLY hope I’m one of those people who gains most of her weight in the 2nd trimester and then starts to level off a bit in the 3rd.
Everyone is different, but I started gaining really rapidly in the last part of my second trimester and so far in my third I have slowed WAY down.

I went to pilates reformer classes twice a week and it really helped keep me fit in a safe exercise environment. In the first 2 weeks after delivering via c-section I lost an unbelievable 40 pounds, and the rest of the weight came off within 3 months. My advice is eat well, take your vitamins, drink water, make sure you go for walks and push yourself to stay active right up until you deliver. I was feeling totally depressed and “fat” but can only see the difference in front, belly and bosoms! Now I will add with those pregnancies I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and however much I wanted with little to no exercise. Every time I lose a pound, my milk supply dips, so I have to take a break from weight loss to build it back up again.
My kids were average and kind of big, respectively, but very big babies run in my family, so I’m surprised they weren’t bigger! Babe #2 is 9 months old now, and I have lost all of my baby weight from her, but still have 10 pounds to go before I am back to my pre-children weight.
The second time around I had a potty training toddler to chase up and down all those stairs, and give piggy back rides to, and go on walks to the park. I had pretty much had to give up exercise by the end, and while I tried to be fairly healthy, I wasn’t perfect. For me, I lose ten pounds being sick the first couple of months, gain that back, hang out at my pre-preg weight and then start gaining in the 3rd trimester. The growth spurt I had at my last appointment was very similar to one I had with my first child!
Chlorophyll helps with red blood cell production, nourishes the uterus and helps reduce WATER RETENTION. I didn’t push myself very hard to lose with them at all, but it also came off much more slowly, so yeah. I was lucky enough for breastfeeding do the job on the weight loss, but I didn’t try to rush it. That said, I could start packing it on in these last few weeks since I still have a ways to go! So even though there was no getting around moving slower as I got bigger, I was MUCH more active and all that activity came much more easily that I had expected.
My doctor assured me I was being healthy and that, like you say, there’s really nothing I can do about it.
He could be bald as an egg (all of my babies have had hair, thanks to their rather hirsute Mama).
I wasn’t back into all my old clothes until about 5 months post partum and back to my prebaby weight within about 8.
I keep researching how much people lose within the first few days of having the baby (15-20lbs?).
Pilates ain’t cheap (though if you can afford a Gucci diaper bag you can afford pilates) but it really helped me. I eat well balanced meals, drink lots of water, take my prenatal, go on a mile a day walk, and occasionally, very occasionally, induldge in that warm donut I constantly dream about!
I can’t figure it out, If I hit 195 at the 7 month check up I think I might just cry. It’s weird Sabrina, you and I are due around the same time and you have WAY more belly than me! People still call me tiny, but it’s hard for me to hear it with this huge belly sticking out. I can’t imagine trying hard to eat healthy and workout when sleep deprived so I hope I don’t gain too much!
It makes me scared for my poor belly button, which I am proud to say is still an inny… or flat.

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