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Tailbone pain is a sharp or dull pain on the end of the spine — in the lower back between the upper buttocks (Picture 1). During pregnancy, the hormones relaxin and estrogen cause relaxation of the ligaments in the pelvic floor, which allows the coccyx to shift more than usually; this can cause pain. Herniated disc in the lower back — pain may be located in the sacral area or in the left or right buttock and may spread down a leg and possibly causing tingling in the feet. Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) — tailbone pain associated with pubic pain or pain in other spots in the pelvis; it may radiate down a leg but not below the knees.
A physiotherapist or pregnancy chiropractor may suggest special exercises or the massage of the tailbone area. There is no cure for the tailbone pain during pregnancy, but the pain usually goes away shortly after delivery.
I guess I was lucky and didn’t have any tailbone pain during or after having any of my children but I know some that did. I am 32 weeks pregnant my osteo wants to do an internal adjustment to my coccyx in a few weeks as it is in a position that will make childbirth hard, has anyone had this done? I went to a physio, who provided me with a support belt (in order to minimalise pelvic movement) and also recommended some stretches, such as the pigeon pose.
I am only 9 weeks and I have very sharp tail bone pains which spread to only one side of my butt.

I have had this pain in my previous pregnancy and now with my second it has been back for since about 15 weeks I am 20 now. If the tailbone pain is severe and repeats during every pregnancy, you may discuss with a surgeon about surgical coccyx removal (coccygectomy) (1). I’m having the same problem and it was because of the shoes I was wearing during the day! I am on my feet for at least 8 hours a day and know it is probably due to prolonged standing and the shoes I wear. I feel that this pain is so persistent and intense that if I were not pregnant complaining of such things, I would have been given a note for work weeks ago, but since they can label it as pregnancy pain, no one cares to give me the time I need to rest.
My doula who I did not have with my first pregnancy recently told me it is a reason to go on early disability. I haven’t asked the Doctor yet but my next visit in February I plan to try to do something about it.
I sit all day at work and have a 3.5 hour commute every day so I sit on my coccyx all day long! But if you don’t have any choice, at least try to avoid sitting in the same position when you are at work. Laying on my back and pulling my knees as close to my chest as possible (I am not showing yet but don’t want to spend a long time in this position) gives temporary relief.

The tough part is that yes, leaning forward helps my tailbone, but then I get pain in my pubic bone just above my vagina. I have been getting into frog position on a yoga mat and spreading my legs out as far as I can go, and that helps a ton!
You can also consider using a donought pillow or something similar and leaning forward a little to ease the pressure on the coccyx.
I start the day with the ache in my tailbone, and by afternoon, I hurt in my hips and lower back too. There is a chance that you may have it earlier in this pregnancy as your joints and ligaments in the area have already been stretched once in your first pregnancy. The only thing that eases the pain enough that I’m not thinking about it every second is laying down on my side with pillows all around me holding me in the right place, but even then, I have to change positions every now and then and the process of changing positions is also quite painful.
This is why it is even more important that you do whatever you can to keep the pain manageable.

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