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Editor's note: Mashable does not recommend using outdated forms of birth control, like some of the methods featured in this article.
Ancient Egyptians used a mixture acacia leaves, honey and lint as a block inside the vagina to keep out unwanted sperm.
Although it wasn’t until the 1900s that the condom was widely used, Italian adventurer Casanova writes of using a lambskin condom in the 1700s. But in the 1920s, British activist Marie Stopes broke through this societal barrier, presenting birth control as a medical rather than moral function.
In 1937, an American survey showed overwhelming support — more than 71% — for contraception. By the late 1950s, chemical researchers had developed a potential contraceptive pill, and in 1960 the U.S.

Featured on the 1967 cover of TIME, the pill was a revolutionary moment in medicine and the growing women's liberation movement.
An engraving of Jean-Jacques Casanova (1725 - 1798) (left), an italian seducer and adventurer, here blowing up a condom. Caecal condoms were effective against pregnancy because animal membrane is porous to viruses. They consisted of a rubber, metal or glass stem attached to a cup or button to hold the stem upright and prevent it becoming lost in the uterus. The flat end of the stem pessary sat against the vaginal wall with a stem protruding into the uterus through the cervix. This contraceptive sponge is made of rubber, and such sponges - essentially a cervical blockage - were one of a range of contraceptives promoted by the Society for Constructive Birth Control, the organisation was founded by Dr.

An IUD sits entirely within the uterus, reducing the risk of bacterial transfer between the cervix and uterus. This widely held theory in the early 1900s argued selective breeding could remove "undesirables" from society.

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