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I believe that every woman should be fully informed of ALL her options before making a decision concerning what type of birth control she wishes to use.
The current model of birth control is based off the faulty assumption that women can get pregnant at any given time. I have personally used the pill, condoms, the LadyComp, the copper IUD, and fertility awareness for birth control.
When I married my first husband at 19, everyone I talked to recommended I get on the Pill so that I wouldn’t get pregnant while still in college. After getting off the Pill, I used condoms for a few months, but, as everyone knows, condoms greatly decrease sensitivity and pleasure for both parties. Still, if you must use condoms, I recommend the thinnest on the market: Beyond Seven Crown (buy here).
The Ladycomp gives you quite a large window to take your temperature, which means it could vary greatly. It makes you lazy because you’re relying on the computer instead of being informed about your cycle. It costs $485 to buy, unlike the Fertility Awareness Method, which is free except for the cost of the book and a thermometer.
Compared to the Fertility Awareness Method, the LadyComp allows for LESS unprotected sex per cycle because it has a higher margin of error. It is effective for up to ten years, is a non-hormonal form of birth control, and allows you to have sex without using a barrier at any point in your cycle. FIRST OF ALL, the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM or FA) is NOT the same as the Rhythm Method. Learning to read your fertility signs for effective pregnancy prevention is one of the easiest things I’ve ever learned. I like that unlike the LadyComp, charting your temperatures on paper allows you to visually see when you’ve ovulated. Also, unlike the LadyComp, you can write down extenuating factors, like caffeine consumption, exercise, lack of sleep or interrupted sleep—all things that can affect your temperature. By charting, you get a more accurate reading, so you can have unprotected sex more of the time. And, if you ARE trying to get pregnant, if you’re charting, you can know as soon as 18 days after ovulation if you’re pregnant just by reading your temperatures! To clarify, fertility awareness is where you identify the parts of the cycle you are in, when you are most fertile, and learn to (A) avoid sex during the few days you could get pregnant or (B) know when to use condoms or (C) know when you don’t have to use protection at all.
I have found amazing freedom and peace by knowing what my body is doing and reading the signs my body is giving me.
About CourtneyCourtney Polivka is a certified birth doula, dancer, and designer located in the Saint Petersburg, FL; interested in birthing rights, fertility, real food, raw milk, natural family living, upper cervical chiropractic, and other things related to holism. Maybe, if you don’t want to measure your temperature every morning, the iButton would be an option. I think the book can be used alone, but a class doesn’t hurt if you have ambiguous signs or trouble reading your own signs.
I went though all of this and at the end, FAM turned out to be the perfect thing I was always looking for!
I’m selling my Lady-Comp, because it is better it is put to good use, rather than sitting in the cupboard for over a year.
I’ve tried both convetional BC pills and centchroman, but they both made me feel ill. I will come back to this very important issue: many fertility experts (including doctors) are concerned about the fact that women often are not informed that the birth control pill can cause an chemical abortion as well as prevent pregnancy.
Despite the hormones’ ability to prevent the release of eggs, sometimes a “breakthrough ovulation” takes place. A woman can still conceive an embryo (baby), who because of synthetic hormones cannot attach to the uterine lining and is aborted. The similar and even worse mechanism works in case of IUDs (coils), like Mirena, where one of the mechanisms incorporates a physical intrusion to prevent implantation of already conceived embryo. I use NFP methods since the beginning, currently Lady-Comp, which works great for me…. So, knowing that we have been playing with fire, he has told me I need to be on birth control because we both aren’t ready to have a child. Perhaps because I was young and shy about my body, or because the teachers emphasized the dangers of sex, or even because my sexual body was not relevant to my twelve year old self – I learned virtually nothing about female reproductive health in school. For me, the side effects of the Nuvaring were slow to accumulate, and in that way insidious.

Through charting, I came to learn that my vagina changes dynamically to reflect my arousal levels and position in my cycle. The transition was very difficult for me, but I knew I was going to stick with it from that first month off the pill when I felt alive and myself again. The reality is that in a given cycle, there is only a 25% chance we could achieve a pregnancy. Women should be informed about themselves, their health, their cycles, their fertility, their femininity! My cervical fluid was strange, and I couldn’t get past the fact that long term side effects included blood clots and permanent blindness! Even though America was consuming more than 50 percent of the world’s resources in the late fifties (with 6 percent of the world’s population), eugenicist fears of the developing world’s excessive procreation ran rampant during the Cold War. The problem with this is if you have unprotected sex 5 days before you ovulate, there it still a chance you could get pregnant. Fertility Awareness uses temperature readings, charting, cervical fluid observation, and cervical position to determine when ovulation has occurred.
All it requires is that you record both your temperature AND the time each morning when you awake. You just need to have the book to understand how to interpret them, which you can buy here. You can also get your partner involved by having them put the thermometer in your mouth if you don’t hear the alarm. I also feel very empowered knowing that I can prevent or achieve pregnancy when the time comes. I stopped birth control this year after being on the pill for over 20 years and I’ve never felt better! However, I have been researching and found other sites that practically demand taking classes.
If your cycle is pretty straightforward, than the book is a great stand-alone resource, but most people are anomalies! I’ve been on the pill for almost 2 years and no baby yet but it has caused troublesome effects like slowing down your metabolism and mood swings.
Girls and Women should be better informed to their opportunities in birth control as well as menstruation! Im trying to stay as close to nature as possible wich is almost impossible in my country (Sweden) This society totally tries to drag the human from its own nature one little bit at a time and I honestly dont want anything to do with birthcontrol and other acts against life promoted here. We don’t notice much of a difference and have used them without breakage, error, or babies for 6 years.
The pill’s third mechanism is to change the lining of the endometrium, which creates a hostile environment for a newly created human life. I hate using condoms, well because like you said it takes the passion and feeling out of it and I hate latex going in me, gross. Reading this makes me feel a whole lot better about how I feel on broth control and the fact I can do it naturally!
My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant since January and I was beginning to get discouraged.
The Ontario curriculum focuses on preventing pregnancy and the transmittance of STIs, which are of course important to emphasize to a teenage population; however, this agenda should not displace the priority of factual and anatomical information about our reproductive functioning. I harboured an unacknowledged and unchallenged assumption that, like males, I was fertile all the time. I didn’t suspect the Nuvaring as the cause of my problems because they had become problems so gradually. Conversely, men are fertile 100% of the time, but they are not the ones targeted for birth control. After you chart for a while, you may get to the point where you can predict when you’ll start by the hour. Protected by a little cap, you insert it before you go to bed and remove it in the morning. You really do become more aware of the signs your body is giving you and now I feel so in tune with my body. Do you think this is necessary or did you find the book to be the only necessary source of information for you? Also, I read that it can cause different ailness and can even shrink some parts of the brain. I tried no condom once but I panicked before we did anything because I can’t afford a baby or marriage while in college (also my mom threatened to kick me out).

If anything they make him last longer (more fun for us) and we get peace of mind from the physical evidence of protection. I had stated I wasnt on birth control at the time we got together which some how split his mind… Men. And it might even help you identify the cause of your irregularity (if you don’t already know). Since the time I was eighteen, I had been using the Nuvaring as birth control – it acts essentially in the same way as the pill, except that it is administered directly into the vagina once a month and therefore utilizes lower levels of hormones.
The menstrual cycle is pivotal in our self-perception as females, either as a site of shame and fear or of love and acceptance.
For this reason, I thought that hormonal birth control methods made the most sense because the only other non-invasive option would be to use barrier protection during every single sex act. For eight months, though, it fluctuated drastically, making it very difficult for me and my partner to plan sex and resulting in more than a few very unwise and irresponsible situations. Women’s rights weren’t the primary impetus to approve the Pill, but they were part of the package, too, of course.
And by charting, you can easily see when ovulation has passed and it is safe to have unprotected sex. I just wanted to ask regarding the temperature, what if there are some factors that can affect it? Recently we had a conversation and I had stated how much I don’t like it because of all the artificial bs that is pumped into your body or how your hormones over react and cause you to gain weigh or have excessive bleedings or excruciating cramps that leave you floored! When we understand how female fertility works, we are armed with the knowledge to make important decisions for ourselves. I used the Nuvaring for a little over three years, from before I had even had my first sexual experience, and therefore had no benchmark to evaluate my slowly declining sexual appetite against. I also feel so good to be off of the chemical laden birth control pills which have so many negative side effects and just are no good for you.
It killed my sex drive, had me bedridden with 14 day periods every month, and every position hurt for me at some level. In high school I took the pill and hated having to remember it because if its missed tthere’s a pack down the toilet. The doctor was helpful in describing the different methods of birth control and helping me choose the best for me – however, she never mentioned the array of fertility awareness methods.
Well, now I know that I am actually only fertile for the 12-48 hours it takes my egg to exit my body every cycle, and that I can accurately predict when this will occur. But this is a side effect I will gladly take in exchange for a more emotionally stable existence and the empowerment I feel from being in harmony with my fertility. It was like having a personal torture device but I stuck with it because I did the hormonal birth controls and saw it as my last hope. So in reality, I only need to use protection on the days my body displays specific signs that I may be ovulating! At the time I thought maybe it was because I had been in a long-term relationship and this was just the natural course of things.
I thought it would be a pain to have to take my temp everyday, but really, it takes no more effort than it did to remember to pop that pill everyday. Why would I continue to suffer the side effects of hormonal birth control when I can predict which sex acts may result in pregnancy and which may not?
When you say there are times you can enjoy sex unprotected are you saying you can forgo the pull-out method even? But after discontinuing the Nuvaring for just one month, I immediately felt the difference, both in lubrication and mood. I was becoming wet again when aroused; more importantly, I was free of the depressed and vengeful demon that used to possess me monthly.
Even more empowering was the knowledge about my fertility I acquired from learning how to monitor it.
I learned that not only do all women differ in the amount of lubricant they produce and sexual arousal they feel, but that cervical fluid during fertile periods can make us feel extremely wet on certain days, and in comparison dry on others. And that this is all part of a natural cycle that varies for each woman, nothing to be ashamed or scared of.

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