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When most of my friends were still enjoying spinsterhood and having a jolly good time, I was a wife at 23 and a Momma at the age of 25. There are several couples in my friends’ circle who are delaying just because they are not ready to shoulder the added responsibility, they don’t want to sacrifice their nights of undisturbed sleep, they believe that after having a baby they won’t have a life of their own so on and so forth.
Why don’t they understand the more the age, the tougher it gets to balance out physical and psychological concerns?
Especially in the year of firsts – the first roll over, the first teeth, the first smiles, the first crawls, the first steps, the first words, the first calls so as they grow older and with their every milestone achieved with age there is a lot of happiness in the family. We would never want our kids gorging on junk or fast food and eventually have a weak immune system making them prone to deadly diseases. Now there goes this popular line “Actions speak louder than Words”, we start having a healthy routine ourselves and set a good example for them to follow. Being a parent myself, I have started getting respect from the society at large as well as my baby. I don’t think I have learned this far even in my school and college days than I have learned after entering motherhood. I am more disciplined now, I follow a correct time-table, I cook and eat at proper times, I spend wisely, I save for future contingencies, I use less of slangs in fact it has come down to NIL, I watch my actions and deeds, I think before I speak and I have learnt the art of time-management. Times and Tides have changed, come parenthood, we become more charitable and save the best for our family especially for the little ones. You watch a lot of cartoons, you play games, you tell stories, you get to mingle with other children, you get to use a lot of baby-kids products, you go to a lot of birthday parties, you go to a lot of parks, zoos and gardens, you get to read all the children’s books.. Sensitivity towards others’ pain, sorrow, circumstances and situations make you a wholesome individual. We start responding to a child’s cry, to a mother beggar with a hungry child, offering comfort to the childless and even amongst our circle we readily assist in taking care of our neighbor’s children or otherwise supporting our near and dear ones in any way possible. The “I Love You’s”, the “Hugs”, the “Kisses”, the “funny times” covers and makes-up for all the quarrels!
In the age of tension, worries, depression children at home are the best naturopathy treatments.
You will definitely see how your cynicism and natural defenses melt away and you find yourself rejuvenated. There is always a packet of goodies for my little one and since I teach giving and sharing, I am rightly entitled to gorge on the yummilicious-delicious chocolates, cookies or whatever enters our premises and don’t you call that being free mein “oye lucky, lucky oye”? Do share with me in comments what is that greatest joy of having a baby you felt as a parent? If you want to stay updated on many more articles like these, please subscribe to the newsletters of Bumps n Baby. Mommy to a one year old baby girl, who juggles between work, home and not to forget the shuttling of cities. My dear hubby, The title is thus because we mothers are expressive and these days most of the mothers are working so I guess it applies for both of them.
Now that we have been getting spurts of warm weather my boys have really been itching to get outside. The first thing I loved about the Ergobaby carrier is the fact that I can use it for ALL my boys!
Another thing that is important to me, especially as a mother of boys, is the ability to throw things in the wash. Now, it’s your turn to enter for a chance to win an Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier of your very own! Id use the Ergobaby baby carrier to go on walks with my wife and my baby to work off the baby fat.

I want to be able to have my son with me on walks, hikes, zoo trips and daily activities without having him in a constant laying position. I would love to take my little one out to run errands with me without worrying about carrying her stroller in and out the car. I would love to use it when grocery shopping so I can fill my cart up with actual groceries rather than filling it with out infant car seat!
Im expecting baby number two, and with baby number one, the carriers I purchased were terrible.
I would love to carry my newborn baby to the zoo, on walks around the neighborhood, and grocery store with my 2 year old in tow without having to use a stroller. I would love to go to the park baby wearing while I push my toddler in the swing and play with her.
Taking a walk with my son as we live in the country and the terrain is too rough for a stroller.
I would love to be able to leave the house with my twins (coming in aug) And my toddler without having to get a humongous triple stroller! I would love one so I can take my nine year old hiking an not have to worry about a stroller all the time..
I already have two young children (ages 18 months and 3 yrs) and currently pregnant and due in August. I would love to go out with my toddler and my baby to be due in October, it will definitely help me big time with 2 kids under 2.
I would love to go on vacation with one and not have to worry if everything we plan on doing is stroller friendly.
Would love to use while I take my daughter to the zoo, shopping, or even use at home when she isn’t feeling well. It’s a whole lot easier to remember all those little parenting tricks when it hasn’t been all that long since you went through them the first time. Particularly as they get older, having children going through life stages at similar times can be a big benefit. Now my daughter is going to be 2 years old next month and I am already the Agony Aunt for my peers, believe me I can’t be more happy.
This has changed my perspective towards myself and I value my existence much more than I did in the past. Of course, there are heated sessions in the family but that doesn’t outrun LOVE, which is never conditional. It is little alarming to get pregnant in the 2nd month of marriage but it is all God’s plan and your little one was destined to come. When she is not blogging, she can be found glued to Bollywood gossip shows or asking her hubby if she is fat for the 'n'th time.
This is a ridiculously hard challenge when you have two very young toddlers and a baby who hates to be in a carseat. I was so impressed with the quality of this carrier and the fact that it is still machine washable. Our last carrier was a 1990’s style hand-me-down that served its purpose but definitely lacked all the bells and whistles. Winners should allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Open to legal residents of the 50 US and DC, 18 or older.
It is always so difficult to do things with a 3 month old and 16 month old to keep my eyes on! New baby on the way and also have a 21 month old that still would fit in it just perfectly!

This way, I can still put my toddler in the front of the cart and still have room for groceries. I would love to be able to wear future baby while we all walk to pick up their big sister from school down the street.
I am constantly getting things done little by little because my baby won’t stay down long. I’m just worried about simply going to Dr appts and the store… That will be a feat in itself! An Ergo would make it easier to spend time at the camp (and with my husband) with a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old, and an infant. This means that there will be an age gap between the two children of about 20 months or so. Remembering how to do a perfect swaddle, or how to change a diaper with one hand while slurping a cup of coffee and paying bills online are all very useful skills to have. No waiting YEARS and YEARS for the youngest to be tall enough to go on the rides at Disney.
My sister-in-law had gone through the same phase but like she was fine when she heartily accepted God’s blessing and she is leading a blissful life. The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier has made things a lot more manageable (still not easy) when it comes to keeping my arms free and my kids in check. While taking the other boys out using the old carrier I was always struggling to keep their face out of the sun- such a pain in the rear.
Just leave a comment stating what activities you would love to try using your new Ergobaby carrier. This would be great for all the baseball gakes and outings we have with our active growing family!!!
This would be an amazing help with bringing baby to farmers market, shopping, the zoo, walking around our downtown market, and SO much more! Siblings close in age mean that they can relate to each other a whole lot better as they get older, too. Going too long in between babies can lead to a lot of memory loss (see point #1 re: sleep deprivation).
Stress busters, this is largely experienced by the fathers when they come home after a tiring day at work.
The Ergobaby carrier comes with a hood that can be adjusted with straps so you can keep the sun and wind out of baby’s face.
Also, id love to go to the park, go on walks, and just simply enjoy closeness with my firstborn child!!!
Walks around the neighborhood, playdates at the the park, traveling, outdoor events and fairs, even around the house. Having your babies close together means less opportunity to lose those hard-won mommy skills. Carriers reduce the need for strollers, especially in crowded areas which would give myself and my husband some much needed relief. We’d also be more willing to go DO stuff with the kids if it was easier to tote around baby!

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