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When most of my friends were still enjoying spinsterhood and having a jolly good time, I was a wife at 23 and a Momma at the age of 25. There are several couples in my friends’ circle who are delaying just because they are not ready to shoulder the added responsibility, they don’t want to sacrifice their nights of undisturbed sleep, they believe that after having a baby they won’t have a life of their own so on and so forth. Why don’t they understand the more the age, the tougher it gets to balance out physical and psychological concerns? Especially in the year of firsts – the first roll over, the first teeth, the first smiles, the first crawls, the first steps, the first words, the first calls so as they grow older and with their every milestone achieved with age there is a lot of happiness in the family.
We would never want our kids gorging on junk or fast food and eventually have a weak immune system making them prone to deadly diseases. Now there goes this popular line “Actions speak louder than Words”, we start having a healthy routine ourselves and set a good example for them to follow.
Being a parent myself, I have started getting respect from the society at large as well as my baby. I don’t think I have learned this far even in my school and college days than I have learned after entering motherhood. I am more disciplined now, I follow a correct time-table, I cook and eat at proper times, I spend wisely, I save for future contingencies, I use less of slangs in fact it has come down to NIL, I watch my actions and deeds, I think before I speak and I have learnt the art of time-management.
Times and Tides have changed, come parenthood, we become more charitable and save the best for our family especially for the little ones.
You watch a lot of cartoons, you play games, you tell stories, you get to mingle with other children, you get to use a lot of baby-kids products, you go to a lot of birthday parties, you go to a lot of parks, zoos and gardens, you get to read all the children’s books.. Sensitivity towards others’ pain, sorrow, circumstances and situations make you a wholesome individual. We start responding to a child’s cry, to a mother beggar with a hungry child, offering comfort to the childless and even amongst our circle we readily assist in taking care of our neighbor’s children or otherwise supporting our near and dear ones in any way possible. The “I Love You’s”, the “Hugs”, the “Kisses”, the “funny times” covers and makes-up for all the quarrels!
In the age of tension, worries, depression children at home are the best naturopathy treatments. You will definitely see how your cynicism and natural defenses melt away and you find yourself rejuvenated. There is always a packet of goodies for my little one and since I teach giving and sharing, I am rightly entitled to gorge on the yummilicious-delicious chocolates, cookies or whatever enters our premises and don’t you call that being free mein “oye lucky, lucky oye”? Do share with me in comments what is that greatest joy of having a baby you felt as a parent?
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Mommy to a one year old baby girl, who juggles between work, home and not to forget the shuttling of cities.
My dear hubby, The title is thus because we mothers are expressive and these days most of the mothers are working so I guess it applies for both of them.
If I had a euro for every time someone requested I write a post about having a baby in Germany I would have about 8 EUR. The benefits of having a baby in Germany start as soon as you tell your employer that you are pregnant.
After 8 weeks after the birth you can either return to work (srsly who would do that?) or take what is known as Elternzeit, paternity leave. The German government gives an additional benefit to families regardless of income or need called Kindergeld. Not only are parents offered generous employment leave but daycare  and education is extremely affordable and in many cases FREE.
Please note that benefits for unemployed, freelance, limited contract and the privately insured vary. I am not sure where you are but in my case the hospital helped me apply for the birth certificate and then I had to pick it up.

Hi Nicole, i need your advice on an issue i have at hand, i’m a Ghanian immigrant who have just seek asylum for the past 4 months in germany and was given a 6 months permit to stay, my girl friend got pregant for me and she is from Nederland who also reside in Amsterdam, now she is 8 moths pregnant and she have just come to live here and have her baby here, do i as the father get to have a document to live here to take care of my family, my girlfreind is not german, she is from the Nederland and she just arrived here 2 months ago, please advise me of what to do.
Before listing the 10 benefits in having a infant care specialist, I would first like to explain some basic responsibilities of a baby nurse and a job description. Although the term “baby nurse” is misleading, a baby nurse is a non-medical trained infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. Not all baby nurses are created equal and like in and subsequently there will be qualified baby nurses who are highly experienced with newborn care and there will be baby nurses that are not as an experienced and qualified. Just like not all newborn care specialists are created equal; baby nurse placement agencies are also not created equal, for there will be some agencies that will place a baby nurse that they are not familiar with and have not verified the quality of the newborn specialist they are placing.
1) A baby nurse will allow you to rest and get back your full energy, before having to have the full burden of newborn care on your shoulders.
3) A infant specialist will offer support to mothers who suffer from post-partum depression.
5) A infant specialist will enable you to resume work with confidence knowing that your baby is being cared for by a qualified care giver.
6) Your newborn baby will receive complete care by an experienced infant care spcecialist who will bathe, diaper, dress, feed and much more. 7) A infant care specialist will initiate an eating and sleeping routine which is vital to establish in the first few months of the newborn. Now my daughter is going to be 2 years old next month and I am already the Agony Aunt for my peers, believe me I can’t be more happy. This has changed my perspective towards myself and I value my existence much more than I did in the past.
Of course, there are heated sessions in the family but that doesn’t outrun LOVE, which is never conditional. It is little alarming to get pregnant in the 2nd month of marriage but it is all God’s plan and your little one was destined to come.
When she is not blogging, she can be found glued to Bollywood gossip shows or asking her hubby if she is fat for the 'n'th time. Due to the shrinking population of ethnic Germans the German government offers parents a generous amount of benefits to convince them to breed. Once you inform your employer that you are expecting it is pretty difficult to get fired and it starts what is known as maternity protection. If you have complications, multiples or a c-section the time may be extended to 12 weeks after the birth. Elterngeld is paid by the government and partially replaces lost wages while you are home with your child. Kindergeld is intended to offset some of the cost associated with having a baby in Germany. Daycare is largely subsidized by the government and your contributions are based on your household income. I am in the UK and parental leave options are very limiting and certainly does not support many women to stay out of work for the full 12 months because you don’t get paid at all for that last few months of leave in most places. I have contributed into the social system (paid German taxes) for 5 years and I have a valid residence permit because I am emplyed by a German employer. So before you bring a newborn care specialist into your house to care for your newborn make sure to speak with 3 or 4 Moms and Dads of her previous assignments, so that you can verify that your newborn is being cared for by a top notch infant care specialist. However there are some very reputable placement agencies which will only send you a newborn specialist they are familiar with and are sure that they are the most qualified and caring infant care specialist in this field of work.
My sister-in-law had gone through the same phase but like she was fine when she heartily accepted God’s blessing and she is leading a blissful life. The government really encourages having a baby in Germany because your bundle of joy will hopefully be a future tax payer and the foundation of its economy. There has to be pretty extenuating circumstances to fire an expectant mother so go ahead slack off, take long lunches and leave at 3.  Take the absolute piss!

During this time you are entitled to  Muttershaftsgeld which is 100 % of your salary paid mostly by your employer.
Elterngeld can be paid for up to 12 or 14 months and is equivalent to approx 64% of your income. Parents residing with a child in Germany are entitled to this as long as you are not receiving a similar benefit in another country (many EU countries offer their own version of Kindergeld) Kindergeld ranges from 184 EUR to 215 EUR, depending on the number of children per household. Of course many parents opt for private daycare, schools or universities and those come with additional fees. In my district there was a six moth delay in the payment of Elterngeld because the application process is cumbersome. I am sure there is a time period that a non EU citizen needs to pay into the system in order to benefit from it. From the outset I think that system in Germany helps to make families stronger and I hope it continues to work well for you and your family despite the mountains of paperwork you said is involved! I think you should really stress that your child needs German integration considering that they will be 5 and school begins at 6.
Typically a newborn care specialist will suffice as long as the newborn is healthy with no medical conditions, however If your child has any sort of medical condition you will want a registered nurse other wise known as an RN, to care for your newborn. For this reason it is never too early to start your search for a qualified, trustworthy newborn care specialist. It is self-understood that there are numerous advantages and benefits in hiring a infant care specialist and I consolidated all the benefits of a newborn care specialist into 10 general categories, and I hope I will have an opportunity in the future to write a separate article on each category.
Stress busters, this is largely experienced by the fathers when they come home after a tiring day at work. Your public health insurance kicks in 13 EUR a day and you will receive that payment in a lump-sum directly into your bank account.
It can be taken for a total of 3 years up until the child’s 8th birthday (If you chose to save a year for later this has to be discussed and with your employer). If all goes well, and we relocate to Germany in a few months, how long would I have to work before qualifying for full parental leave rights? After the baby was born someone from the local office came by and made sure I had everything for the elterngeld application which is pages long.
This is why its important to get all document lined up BEFORe the birth and submit it once you have the BC after your child is here.
It really depends on how long you have legally lived in Germany and the type of visa you have. I am sorry that this message of mine is not so relevant for the Blog that you have posted but it will be of great help for me. To ensure the broadest selection of available inant specialists, allow yourself six months prior to your anticipated delivery date to begin the selection process. During this time (usually 6 months) an employer can terminate your employment with little to now reasoning. For instance if you are employed by a foreign employer and dont pay taxes you may not be eligible for some benefits.
Also we would like to relocate from one Bezirk to another in berlin (near the office) do you have any information if the state provides any help in finding a day care centres for both of my children. I have been calling many Kita’s these days but none seem to have a free place for my 5 year old daughter. I can’t express how blessed I feel to have had all this time to share with my daughter. You will get a German birth certificate, an international one (if requested) and a document to include in your kindergeld and elterngeld application.

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