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I've heard of these supposed women who do all kinds of incredible physical feats during pregnancy (besides growing another human being, of course), but I guess I never actually believed they existed. Sara had just finished a sprint triathlon and was beginning to train for her next triathlon when she began experiencing some strange symptoms. Having just met an impressive weight loss goal of thirty pounds, Sara was determined not to put the weight back on and to continue exercising during her pregnancy. With her doctor's support, Sara enjoyed what she called "a very easy, very comfortable pregnancy," continuing training alongside her long hours working as a veterinarian.
With training, support and what sounds like a pretty exceptional attitude, Sara completed not one, but two triathlons while pregnant: the first while she was battling morning sickness at 10 weeks, and the second at 7 months pregnant. She continued running and training for the race throughout her pregnancy, modifying to a slower pace as needed and using a bellyband for support.

For Amy, running during her pregnancies was more than simply about a physical accomplishment. So what advice do these pregnant athletes have to other mothers who wish to continue exercising and racing during their pregnancies?
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I try to exercise, of course, but when it comes right down to it, I am definitely not the pregnant athlete that these women are. She says her doctor, a runner herself, encouraged her to be aware of her limitations, take breaks as needed and monitor her heart rate. She attests to how her husband Dan, a family physician, supported her efforts because he knew how much running meant to her.

Just enjoy the experience of being out there, taking your time and knowing that your baby is going to be a triathlete before she is even born! The three most important things are to stay hydrated, take it easy and don't get overheated. The bladder makes it hard to reconcile keeping hydrated with the tiny space your bladder has.

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