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And the bathroom experience, I’ve never really been a fan of public bathrooms, but surprisingly enough they are not used as often as you would think in places like, Target or the grocery store. Apart from my giant, protruding belly, I always felt more well-proportioned during my pregnancies.
And 3, mostly because they reinforce stereotypes that can be used against women in general, and particularly pregnant women in the workplace. My hair is totally falling out to the point where it’s actually starting to worry me. Weirdly, I was so emotionally level and happy when I was pregnant, even though I didn’t have an easy pregnancy. Also at work whenever people walk by it’s like my giant belly is an invitation for small talk. My husband was shocked by the conversations that would arise around my pregnant belly in the midst of strangers.
I have oily hair normally and by the end of the second day without washing its quite disgusting.
The second trimester helps me forget that I hate being pregnant and carries me through to the third where there is an actual end in sight. So come talk to me in about seven more months when I’m weird, weepy and tired but holding the world’s next cutest most smart human being to ever live in the history of living. I am nearly 8 months along with our 2nd and I can say I know exactly where you are coming from. Feeling them move is something pretty special, another one of those things that helps give the pregnancy some pace and glitter.

Especially if i’m on my way to see a client, I have to make sure I don’t wear a solid color shirt because it looks like I got blasted by a super soaker in various different locations, all the more reason to love my strips even more! He’s one of those passive-aggressive types that takes the clump and sticks it on the shower wall to illustrate my misdeed. There are people who passed me in the street for seven years that never returned a smile until I was pregnant. I remember one particular meeting where I realized that if I didn’t find a way to censure myself I would not have a job to return to. By the time I was being taken in to deliver my last baby, when people would ask what I was having I replied with a baby or it could be puppies. I think as a curvy woman having the big pregnant belly does make me look better proportioned. While pregnant, all the oil gets sucked out of it and its the only time I can go a whole three days without washing my hair and it still looks fine.
I burst in to tears the other day because I missed my mother in law who lives several states away.
My husband wasn’t nearly as supportive as I had hoped (he was supportive of us having a baby, but not real interested in the getting there part), I was sick for five months (three of which were during volleyball season), I had manic depressive episodes combined with lots of anxiety and all the other regular pregnancy along with it. The foundation of these feelings are extreme fatigue and constant nausea paired with confusing, unrelenting hunger and irrational tendencies. You know, when you have enough energy to fold the laundry instead of staring at it on a chair for a week. The third trimester is marked by the ever-growing pillow nest that slowly takes over your  bed.

I think a lot of moms feel ashamed to admit it, but pregnancy is not always sunshine and roses. My last pregnancy felt like it was never going to end – and I was thrilled to get that baby out and into the world. Sometimes people really want to help or give me a good spot on the bus, or actively block me. I have reeeeeaaaaallly thick hair to start with so nobody really noticed but me…and the shower drain. Rather, we are acting like a recluse who was just forced to chaperone a 30-hour fast at the high school while being fuelled solely by ginger ale and coffee. I won’t sugar coat it; if you ask me how I’m feeling, I will tell you, in detail, until you stop me at maternity underwear and itchy boobs.
I had a lot of minor complications with my daughter and have had even more serious ones with my son. I have lived with a lot of women who have been pregnant multiple times and never witnessed this.
Because of this, I am VERY self conscious of my stomach (and my upper arms, but that’s another story). Aside from feeling them move, which is usually a great feeling, pregnancy is just a means to an end.

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