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A woman lost 5st after someone offered her their seat on the Tube because they thought she was pregnant. Eva Minczuk said she was too embarrassed to explain the man’s mistake to him and instead took the seat and tried not to cry.
The woman, identified as Andrea Garcia was hit with the bumper, pinning her leg under the back tire of the vehicle. She was transported by ground ambulance to Desert Valley Hospital, where she was treated at the hospital for contractions that began after the incident. Garcia was transported to Desert Valley with contractions but otherwise suffered no major injuries as a result of the incident.
According to Hesperia public information officer Karen Hunt, “The driver of the vehicle was a 30 year old female of Victorville who was driving on a suspended license. Enter your email address to subscribe to VVNG and receive notifications of new posts by email. Karen Koster has showed off her adorable new baby as he made his television debut on Saturday AM.

The Xpose presenter gave birth to John James, her second baby with John Maguire, two weeks ago but is already back on the small screen. The 34-year-old Dubliner said that she's going to take a break from being pregnant for a while, after having two babies in quick succession.Koster announced that she was expecting again last October, shortly after returning to the popular showbiz programme from her maternity leave. Having been through it all before has also made it easier to adjust to having a new-born in the house, she added.
Koster and Maguire welcomed baby John on February 29 last.She went on to say how the labour was even easier as she knew what to expect.
Top Gear may have a new American host but the opening show saw its audience plummet in the US compared to the last series, latest figures have revealed.
Last month, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi's boyfriend, Wang Feng, proposed to her successfully.
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Garcia told Victor Valley News that she received IV fluids, an ultrasound, and a shot to stop contractions. Garcia said that the woman never apologized, never showed concern and even blamed her as she apparently got out of her vehicle while on the phone.
She was able to grab her son, swinging him around to her other side, away from the vehicle, but could not avoid being hit by the vehicle.
She said the woman told people in the parking lot that Garcia rushed to the back of her car causing her to get hit.
She said that he was adjusting well to the new addition to the family but that she's had to monitor his over-enthusiastic patting of the baby.

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