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The University of London team found chickenpox less common in regions with high UV levels, reports the journal Virology.
However, other experts say that other factors, including temperature, humidity, and even living conditions are equally likely to play a role.
The varicella-zoster virus is highly contagious, while it can be spread through the coughs and sneezes in the early stages of the infection, the main source is contact with the trademark rash of blisters and spots. UV light has long been known to inactivate viruses, and Dr Phil Rice, from St George’s, University of London, who led the research, believes that this holds the key why chickenpox is less common and less easily passed from person to person in tropical countries. It could also help explain why chickenpox is more common in the colder seasons in temperate countries such as the UK – as people have less exposure to sunlight, he said. He examined data from 25 earlier studies on varicella-zoster virus in a variety of countries around the world, and plotted these data against a range of climatic factors.
Even initially confusing results could be explained – the peak incidence of chickenpox in India and Sri Lanka is during the hottest, driest and sunniest season.
However, Dr Rice found that, due to atmospheric pollution, UV rays were actually much lower during this season compared with the rainier seasons.
Professor Judy Breuer from University College London said that while UV could well be contributing to the differences in the prevalence of chickenpox between tropical and temperate regions, there were other factors which needed to be considered.
Chicken pox parties are something that have been fairly off the radar — well, our radar anyhow. Adults are more likely to experience harsher chicken pox symptoms, but young children are at risk too.

Complications aside, because the virus is often milder in children, some parents still choose exposure over vaccine, hence the chicken pox parties. We are waiting until our daughter, now 10mos, is at least 18mos, and then we will start actively looking for Pox parties in our area.
If someone is ok to discuss about it and accept an interview during a pox party to explain why he organizes this kind of event, let me know. Whether or not I vaccinate my child against the chicken pox, I still would not knowingly and willfully expose them to a virus that will cause them to be sick and uncomfortable.
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But a recent scam to sell the chicken pox virus through the mail has brought the trend front and center, sending both parents and the media into a tizzy. Chicken pox is highly contagious and can be spread by direct contact or through the air by coughing or sneezing. Advanced complications and symptoms include bacterial infection of the skin or other parts of the body including the bones, lungs, joints, and blood, pneumonia or infection of the brain. However, this is a risk you should weigh carefully, as chicken pox is not so mild as it seems.
We would like to see our children get chickenpox as young as possible so that their bodies can properly fight the illness and form a strong immunity to it naturally.
This virus is also spread through direct contact with any fluid from a blister of a person infected with the virus or from contact with someone with the shingles virus.

A or B, HPV, measles, mumps, meningococcal, pertussis, pneumococcal, poliomyelitis, Q fever, rotavirus, rubella, smallpox, tetanus, tuberculosis, typhoid, varicella, yellow fever or herpes zoster (chicken pox), then please don’t come asking for free medical attention or expect your insurance to cover it.
The statistical chance of contracting these diseases through lack of immunisation is an order of magnitude higher than the chance of any reaction (proven or not) from the immunisation. While the CDC and chicken pox party supporters point out that usually chicken pox presents as a mild problem in children, the illness is not so mild in adults.
This destroys muscles, fat, and skin tissue and causes a rapid drop in blood pressure and organ failure.
Though concerns over the mail issue have for the most part dissipated, worries over chicken pox parties have just begun. Mild and common symptoms of chicken pox include the telltale itchy rash (pox), fever, coughing, fussiness, headache, and loss of appetite and the illness can last for 5–10 days.
If you choose not to prevent these diseases then you can bear the cost of the medical treatment (and funeral for a lot of these diseases).
In these homes, children can catch the virus and become immune without the need for vaccination.

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