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After six failed IVF attempts Rob and Jennie Macphee were delighted to be expecting twins, Dylan and Niamh. The couple began their first IVF attempt the day after their wedding in 2008, while still in their 20s. The couple asked the clinic to keep some of their embryos in case they wanted to try again but convinced themselves it wouldn't happen.
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They feared they would struggle to conceive after Mr Macphee went through surgery in his teens. But after the heartbreak of six failed attempts and one miscarriage the couple discovered Mrs Macphee's immune system was attacking the embryos, preventing them from implanting. We had always wanted more than one child and we had been trying for so long'After two years of difficulties, the pair visited an IVF specialist who told Mrs Macphee her chances of conceiving were less than eight per cent because her immune system was so strong it was destroying the embryos before they had chance to attach.'I had never considered that my immune system was preventing me from having a successful pregnancy,' she said. In Jennie's case, we prescribed intralipid therapy which is a solution based on egg and soya products as part of her IVF cycle.'Given in drip form by a trained nurse, the infusion is inexpensive, well tolerated and is shown to calm down an over-active immune system, allowing an embryo to implant in the womb.

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