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She usually has a 37 day cycle, with ovulation occurring on day 25, according to her BBT charting. She and her partner had sexual intercourse on days 23 and 24, though no seminal fluid is visible in the photo. The purplish lump under the cervix is a portion of the vaginal wall that has been squeezed between the speculum and the cervix. I just downloaded the ff app and transferred all my data from kindara and it said that my cycles have been anovulatory.

The endocervical canal elongates under the influence of estrogen, which is a hormone that is relatively high during reproductive years, making a visible SCJ a common occurrence in women of reproductive age. I would think that my cycles would have returned to normal again by now but my chart is wacked! That chart looks anovulatory, but I'm kind of confused by what all the colors are supposed to mean. You go into your dr’s office when you get a positive on an ovulation test and you bring a specimen from your husband .

I am ttc right now and my temp has been slowly rising for an entire cycle and now rising through my period and after my period as well! After using a special wash for the sperm they insert the sperm with a very small catheder into your cervix and into your uterus .

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