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An incandescent light bulb should be placed on the top of the tank opposite the side with the hiding spot to provide your tortoise with a warm basking spot. Do not use any type of humidity holding bark such as pine or cypress, since the tortoise is unable to tolerate high humidity.
Drygoods, Aquarium Supplies, and Reptile supplies are ship using ground service unless Specified.
Depending on the size of your tank and the temp in the room, anywhere from a 15 watt to a 75 watt bulb can be used. Humidity from a water bowl or moist bedding can cause respiratory infections in Sulcata tortoises.
All livestock orders must be shipped overnight via UPS or FEDEX Priority Overnight to reduce transit time. You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number when your order has shipped. Place a thermometer under the bulb on the ground where your tortoise will bask and make sure the temperature reaches 95-105 degrees when the light is on.
Therefore, DO NOT keep a water bowl in the tank with your tortoise, unless for brief periods to take a drink.
Bedding will also need changed regularly to discard moist substrate and potential mildew from urine.SOAKING YOUR SULCATA Some owners choose to soak their tortoises in addition to providing a water bowl and a higher-humidity sleeping area. A second thermometer should be placed at the other (cool) end of tank to make sure that side is at least 10-20 degrees cooler than the basking side so you don't cook your new pet!
Hatchling (less than 1 year old) tortoise can be soaked every day, since they are the most likely to become dehydrated. Juvenile tortoises (between the ages of 1 year and 5 years) should be soaked two or three times per week.
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However, if your house gets colder than 72 degrees at night, a black or blue light should be used to bring the temperature up to 75-80 degrees.2. If you have an adult sulcata tortoise, make sure you provide it with a very shallow pond so that it can walk into the water to drink and soak as necessary.The water in which you soak a tortoise should be comfortably warm, but not hot.
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This light replicates the sun's rays which radiate vitamin D3, helping the animal to absorb calcium into their body. It's best to use some sort of plastic container that you can clean thoroughly after each use. The light needs to be placed within 8-12 inches of the tortoise basking spot in order to be effective. Your tortoise may poop when placed into warm water, so be prepared to change the water at least once during each soak.
SHIPPING AND BILLING ADDRESSES: If your shipping address is different from your credit card billing address, please make sure your card issuer has listed this shipping address as an "authorized" address. Baby tortoises love going inside to sleep or will position themselves against the wall or a corner of their tank. You or someone authorized by you, must be present to sign for a shipment if you choose to have it delivered to your home or office. They need to get a large variety of grasses, dark leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables to be healthy. Their diet should consist of 80-90% grasses, hays and dark greens, 10-20% vegetables and fruits. Try things like collard greens, rye grass, clover, escarole, romaine, any type of grass, red or green-leaf lettuce, cabbage, timothy hay, alfalfa hay, dandelion greens, and the pre-cut variety packs of "baby greens" available at the grocery store.

A lot of people plant different grass seeds in small shallow pans and then rotate them through the tank, allowing the tortoise to graze from the growing seeds. Offer your tortoise berries, apples, peaches, beans, peas, carrots and as many different types of fruits and veggies as you can. Rep-Cal Calcium and Multivitamin powder should be sprinkled over food 2-4 times per week.OUTDOOR HOUSING If you eventually do keep your tortoise in your yard, you want to make sure that your grass is natural, and not sprayed with any pesticides or fertilizing agents if possible. If you have a garden with fertilizer in it, you might want to fence that particular area in.
You should take plans to ensure your fence is sturdy enough to withstand digging and burrowing that may take place, which may mean you need to have the fence sunk into the ground a few inches. Many people do this now for their dogs that tend to dig, so I'm sure you won't be the first to ask your local fence company to sink a fence. Also, be sure to furnish your yard with plants and grasses that are edible for the tortoises.Additionally, you should make sure your tortoise has a shelter to use in case of inclement or cold weather. These tortoises can take light, warm rain, it is even good for them to be stimulated by their changing environment.
However, the Sulcata cannot be left outside for long periods of cold, damp, rainy weather, or in the cold winters of northern areas.
You should also furnish this shed with some pig farrowing heat pads, heat lamps, UVB Light, and hays. Throw a little hay inside and you will have a very cozy and comfortable Sulcata.FREE SHIPPING on order over $350 on all Fish, Corals, Inverts, Package Deals, and Live Reptiles excluding Live Rock, Sand, and Natural Sea Water!

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