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This month, your 8-month old is crawling, cruising, and experimenting with all-new ways to explore the world around her.
Mashed fruits and vegetables such as bananas, peaches, pears, avocados, cooked carrots, squash, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Help your baby stand when she is near a table or sturdy object, and urge her to use it for balance. Safety tip: Make sure the mattress in her crib is in the lowest setting once she is able to pull up to stand. Now is a great time to create more concrete bedtime rituals, such as reading the same book or doing quiet activities together.

If your baby has started teething, she might start waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortable and irritated. To help soothe your baby’s gums, give her a cold, wet, or even frozen washcloth to chew on (however, remove the washcloth when she tires of it), or rub her gums gently yet firmly with a clean finger. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. When your baby is standing, encourage her by holding her favorite toy just out of reach and getting her to “cruise” along the furniture to get it.
However, try to avoid cow’s milk until age 1 or until your child’s healthcare provider gives you the OK.

You should not be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than your friend's children. This will help your baby look forward to bedtime, and find it easier to adjust when you finally leave the room.

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