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We picked our unique baby names list based on unrivaled appeal in strange yet non offensive but rather cool names.
Amya: a name which might be difficult to pronounciate, but still one of our all time favorite in the unique baby names list!
Callisto: Greek mythology is so rich that it can be found in almost any unique baby names list. Cyra: the female variant of Cyrus, Cyra is a special baby name that has a unique doulbe pronounciaton, SEER-a or CY-ra. Hadleigh: a not so common variant of popular name Hadley, this old English surname-turned-name means heathery field. Imara: an excellent choise for American parents who would like to choose an impressively reminiscent name for their baby girl. Indigo: a haunting name that leads the way of the new generation of color-related baby names. Kenzie: if we told you that Kenzie is the dimunative of McKenzie, would you guess the name’s origin? Phaedra: according to Greek mythodology, Phaedra was the wife of Theseus, who fell in love with another man, Hippolytus.
I found this site at the absolute worst time… I thought I had my daughter’s name chosen!! Enter your email address to receive new posts full of baby names ideas grouped into meaningful and fun lists to help you make up your mind and understand each name meaning and origin! Based on the Book of Invasions, Cessair was the female leader of the first residents in the land of Ireland. Electra was the lead character of Sophocles’ works but has also been an inspiration for other Greek tragedies as well. Indigo doesn’t sound too Greek, thus it has the unique ability to hide its origin and remain exotic since it is associated with the seven colors of the rainbow (if you are a rainbow fun, you can also consider Iris as a cool baby name).
This wonderful baby name, is considered unique as it’s not as eccentric as Daffodil but less common than the heavily used Daisy.
This substantial short name has a unique meaning for parents of African-American origin since Nia represents one of the days of Kwanza.

If you did, hit that like button and share your own thoughts on what does make a baby name unique. Such amazing feedback keeps our team spirit high so that we can keep on delivering the best baby name suggestions for future parents like you. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
You will not be able to compare the following unique baby names for girls with any other baby names, as our team has worked hard to uncover real gems from the scattered literature found both offline and online.
Most of the names are picked from ancient mythology and include great women and epic tales. The story tells her mythical transformation into a bear which later became a group of stars, known today as Callisto the moon of Jupiter and one of the largest moons in our solar system. It can also be a cool alternative for parents that love the name Lucy but would like to pick a more exclusive choice. The name became known lately thanks to Real Housewives’ Phaedra Parks (see photos of her new born son, Dylan). Every name in this page has an astonishing narative that doesn’t makes it bizarre but rather unusual and amazing! Branwen can be traced in the Welsh mythodology, in Mabinogion, which is a huge collection of tales. Some historians tried to link Cessair’s extraordinary story to the biblical flood of Noah.
Electra plotted the revenge for the murder of her father, and killed her mother along with her brother Orestes. One of the characters, Finella Christian, was the fairy-like assistant of the Countess of Derby. If you stay back home in US but choose to travel back in time, you will find that native Americans used Amya for sweet dreams. According to the ancient myth, Branwen was the daughter of King Llyr, and sister of King Bran of Britain.
Giving a name for baby should be appropriate so the baby will be proud of their names later.

The story goes that Branwen got married to Matholwch, the King of Ireland, but the magestic wedding did not bring peace to the realm.
The Electra complex is also known in psychology as a child’s competition with her mom for the hears and minds of the father in the family. If you have baby girl, that would be very important to give her a beautiful name which can be a hope to baby.
Before your baby being born, you can do research for the unique baby names for girls on the online sources.
That would be useful for you to know and understand well what may be good name for your baby girls.There must be lot of name which can be your favorite name for your baby girl. You can choose a baby girls names and meanings which are beautiful and has deep meaning for your baby.
When your baby is getting grown up and studying in school, she will be proud of her name which is unique. Baby girl needs unique name and even she will thank to you for giving her name with unique idea.When you are thinking about name for your baby, you must be thinking about what is the meaning. If you want to give name for your baby girl, you should think that the name will give a hope for the baby. That’s why you need to choose the right name which is not only good to be called but also the meaning is beautiful. You need to think that your baby girl needs unique name.In giving your baby girls names and meaning, you can discuss with your husband about the name that you want to choose. You can give a name that you made with your husband to your little baby girl.Baby girl needs unique name and it should have beautiful meaning as beautiful as your little baby girl.

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