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Kim Grundy is a mom, writer, expert laundry folder and sandwich maker, not necessarily in that order. Briella is the hottest baby girl name of the year, jumping a whopping 394 spots from being ranked 891 the year before to 497 on the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list. The raise in popularity of the name Mila could be inspired by Black Swan actress Mila Kunis. Names ending in –nn have a southern sound to them and are a huge trend among parents, including Raelynn, Adalynn and Quinn.
Whimsical baby girl names are climbing the charts as well, including Olive, Eloise, Kinsley, Hazel and Cora.
For those that are curious, the names Brisa, Dana, Desiree and Denise showed the biggest drop in popularity from this year to the previous year. Traditionally, choosing a girl baby name has involved everything from naming them after a close relative or friend, to researching a name with a specific meaning or specific heritage. Search for origins from Irish to Spanish and everything in between with our Advanced Baby Name Search.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. EmailPrintA baby’s gender can usually be determined by an ultrasound technician during the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. But what did prospective parents do before there were sonograms and OB sonographers and other medical tests.
You’ve probably heard of at one or two old wives’ tales about how mothers of olden times tried to predict whether they were having a Matthew or a Matilda. Enjoy reading about some of these folk practices that were used for predicting the gender of  baby still in the womb!

If you are pregnant, are you hankering for chocolate cake and cherries or limes and sauerkraut? Thanks to a mental_floss article by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, we learned about The Distaff Gospels, a 15th century collection representing the folk beliefs held by medieval French women.
Apparently, if you are expecting a girl, no matter how much garlic you eat, your scent will not give it away (the smell of the herb will not seep through your pores). According to the ancient Mayans, you can determine the baby-to-be’s gender by adding the mother’s age at conception to the year of conception.
With names like Briella and Mila climbing the charts, it is interesting to note the influence of pop culture on names. What we find more interesting, however, is those names that have made the biggest jump on the list.
Nylah (and the alternative spelling Nyla) are both climbing the charts — and perhaps are inspired by the adorable cat Nylah who is a YouTube sensation? Many parents are also switching the ending from -y or -ie to –ee, for example Brynlee, Aubree and Charlee.
No doubt you're busy picking out the most fashionable nursery accessories and layettes for your little one, but when it comes to choosing her baby name, some parents are less interested in popular names and instead seek out something a bit more unique or unusual. Often what might seem like an interesting twist on an original name turns out to more awkward then rare. With advanced ultrasound technology, or other procedures like amniocentesis or CVS performed for high risk pregnancies, sometimes expectant parents can find out even sooner. Surely moms and dads, and their moms and dads, and their cousins and neighbours…were curious whether the baby-to-be was going to be a boy or a girl. Apparently those who have sweet cravings are expecting a girl, and those with a strong appetite for sour foods will be having a boy!

One such tenet was to sprinkle salt on the head of a pregnant woman (gently, so as not to wake her).
From feminine names like Aria to cool unisex names like Charlee, find out which girl names are climbing up the charts the fastest. Not only is this a great find to discover baby name trends, but it is also a fun way to find unique and cool names for your baby girl.
The name could have caught the ear of parents who are fans of Briella Calafiore, the hairstylist from the Style network’s reality show Jerseylicious. For example, if baby was conceived in 2014 when mom was 30, the sum is 2044, which is even, which means a girl! Babies are the angels sent by the God on this earth to complete the family and bring joy in their life.
If it is a male name, she is expecting a boy; and if it’s a female name, she is having a girl. My favorite baby is the first one and the one titled Loveliest Baby and the two following this one. I love babies and after visiting this post you are definitely going to fall in love with them. Babies are innocent creatures of Allah and should be dealt with love, kindness, care and affection.

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