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Getting married is not an easy task but when in marriage, the idea of producing kids is complicated.
Isabella is a top girls name in United States (#2), Denmark (#1), Australia (#4) and Canada BC (#8). The name Olivia has been used in the English speaking countries since the 17th century but it has not been popular till the 20th century. As we all know that Abigail was Nabal’s wife who later became the third wife of King David after the death of Nabal.
The Bible clearly tells us who Elizabeth was in both the New Testament (Mother of John the Baptist) and Old Testament (wife of Aaron).

Olivia is most commonly used in countries like Canada BC, and England where its popularity rank is #1. This top girls name is used in the bible as we notice in one of the epistles of Paul in the New Testament. However, those who have gotten the opportunity to give birth to children; they also have a big task of choosing the appropriate name to give to their children. Famous actress Rossellini Isabella, and Queen Isabella of Castile are notable bearer of this name Isabella. The famous bearers of this name include Abigail Breslin, who is an actress, and Abigail Adams the first lady.

So if you see that your baby girl might be a model in future, don’t hesitate naming her Mia.

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