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After 101 years of having all boys in the family, for four generations, the Underdahl welcomed their baby girl Aurelia.In a very rare phenomenon, a baby girl is born after 101 years of male dominance in the Underdahl’s family. For the first time in more than 100 years, the Underdahl family has welcomed a baby girl into its midst. Gene Parker, tour guide and owner of Snorkel with Manatees, spotted a momma manatee with her newborn twins in Florida, and he could barely contain his excitement. Planning the PartyFor the first birthday party, it's perfectly fine to skip an elaborate party in favor of a simple celebration. Taking Photos and Creating KeepsakesFirst birthday parties make for adorable snapshots, so have your camera ready. We've rounded up great ideas for age-appropriate toys for one-year-olds from Circle of Moms members, and included the list below. Push ToysFrom mini-lawn mowers to grocery carts and vacuums, colorful push toys can help one-year-olds develop their gross motor skills.
Washable CrayonsFat, washable crayons are perfect for encouraging creativity without overwhelming a one-year-old.

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On April 12, the Idaho couple welcomed eight pounds and three ounces baby Aurelia after a century of a male streak. God be with the new borne Reply [1] 2 ReplyFollow Login To Reply June Leaders CHRISETTE(361) - dareper(264) - kison(254) - gogoman(245) - albionalex(167) - dickieponga(156) - GermoDon(153) - zoe61(130) - mariodebishop(129) - schmit(106) - kabukabu(95) - morgan1(94) - michaelc80(92) - kachasi(87) - bohlah(82) - beneno(79) - leodavinci(77) - Novic(73) - kacylee(71) - bayonel3(70) - Featured Topics Terry G Apologizes To Nigerian DJs For Slapping A DJ At A Show My Billionaire Father Provides Bullet Proof Cars When I am In Nigeria - DJ Cuppy 4 Persons Injured As A Police Officer Got Trapped In A Road Accident In Lagos (Photos) Nigerian Man and His Filipino Wife Busted for Trafficking Drugs in Facial Cream Bottles Read How Guy Blasted a Lady on Twitter 2 Years Ago Only to Pay Her Bride Price in 2016 Sad! He posted the video on Facebook that in 15 years of working in those waters, he's never seen newborn twins in the wild.
Your daughter has cracked her first grin, started teething, tried finger foods, and may have even said her first word and started sleeping through the night…in other words, you’ve made it through the first year!
Kid-friendly ideas from Circle of Moms members include your backyard, a children's museum, a local park, or even a zoo. For another keepsake, consider buying a "1st birthday" shirt or other festive piece of children's clothing and have guests sign it. From drums to xylophones to homemade shakers, musical toys are great entertainment at this age.

Over 50 Circle of Moms members have weighed in with recommendations for great books for babies and toddlers.
Time to celebrate everything you’ve helped your daughter accomplish so far, and to get excited for the next year’s big developments. She got it for her 1st birthday." Just be sure to request a model that you won't mind listening to!
Scott and Ashton Underdahl welcomed baby Aurelia Marie Ann, the second girl to be born in the Underdahl family.
After 12 Years Of Barrenness, Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets - Photos - 17 Jan 16, 09:22 AM Wow! Mom Ashton Underdahl, who has a toddler son named Archer, also expected her second child to be a boy too.

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