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May 16, 2013 On Friday morning I have my full anatomic survey ultrasound where they check the health of the baby, provide a 3D ultrasound, and tell me the baby’s gender. I had my first instance where someone acknowledged my pregnancy this week, which means the outside world notices now. I’m starting to feel more faint movements in my belly, which definitely makes it all feel more real.
I hope to entertain family, friends and strangers with my humorous & heartfelt take on pregnancy & motherhood. First and foremost, I’m praying for a healthy baby that gets a flying bill of health, obvy. I mean, I definitely find myself thinking more about girl names and girl decor than I do boy stuff. It’s fun to lie in bed at night or in the morning and rest my hands on my belly willing the little peanut to move.

But once we *hopefully* get good news about our healthy baby; I’m dying to know if it’s a boy or a girl! But I think that’s because girls are what I know right now, so it’s easier for me to picture that stuff. And of course it’s incredibly fun to dress a baby girl in all those adorable little dresses.
I hear they pee straight up in your face and have a ridiculous amount of energy that makes me exhausted just thinking about it.
I will say that growing up I always wanted a sister and I was always so envious of my friends that had sisters. It’s such a life altering moment because from this point on I’ll either have two daughters or a boy and a girl, which is a completely different family dynamic.
I have so many things to keep me preoccupied right now, with a toddler, selling the house and a big move ahead of us, that it’s going to be my due date before I know it.

Whenever my friend comes over and hangs with Annabelle she always comments on how easy she is compared to her other friend who has a boy the same age. She says Annabelle is so dainty and calm in the way she plays and eats, whereas the little boy is rambunctious, has to kick a ball after dinner, and then runs in circles. But aside from all that, my biggest fear would be turning away while my baby boy goes through a painful circumcision at childbirth. Having a boy would be a completely different experience and would probably make this whole journey to motherhood of two feel a lot more unique if I knew there was a different pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I know I don’t have to get him circumcised, but I feel that’s the norm in our culture and I would hate to have him teased as a teenager or adult for a decision I made when he was a baby.

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