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The following baby announcement templates should help you come up with something that you're happy with. PS: Address details are provided on the back Someone special, someone dear, someone new to love is here!
Date: 4th March, 2013When you word out the announcement, keep it simple, to-the-point, and creative. Let's take a look at how to word out a birth announcement to friends and family, welcoming into this world a baby boy or girl. If you're having a celebration for the arrival of the newborn, make sure to include not just an address, but a number too, in case guests need help finding the place.

She is as adorable as can be, and would love your presence at our home, for dinner and drinks. Include little quotes or religious sayings to begin your announcement, so that it provides an impactful intro. They're rosy-cheeked, delicate, and smell like they've been rolling in a patch of fresh flowers. If you're only declaring the baby's arrival, then exclude the body of the announcement including the address, keeping only the opening quote and the baby's details intact. Design it using baby-esque images, with lots of colors; preferably according to the baby's sex - it gives it a personal touch.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that little cherub growing into a full-grown man or woman someday.
These baby announcement templates will serve the purpose of conveying the good news, so feel free to experiment with various ideas to produce a satisfying result. To welcome the little one into the family, a lot of parents have a mini get-together with friends and family, either at home or at a different venue.

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