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With the noble pursuit of science in mind, Johnny Knoxville learns how to artificially inseminate a cow firsthand. I had purchased your AI kit about 1 month ago, and I am proud to say that we had success and are expecting the litter end of June!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I did my first AI using your AI kit and DVD and it was sucessful! The equipment in these kits is better than the equipment we used when we produced our DVD teaching people how to do artificial inseminations.
Before we had this disposable equipment we used to have to clean and sterilize the sheaths, test tubes and insemination tubes after an AI was done. So while the sheaths in these kits are a lot thinner than those used in my DVD, they are meant to be tossed out after one use. Just wanted to let you know we just whelped 8 Sheltie puppies, thanks to your AI DVD as well as the Whelping Puppied DVD.

Very detailed, step-by-step explanation with clear video demonstration on how to inseminate a dog with fresh semen.
My stud malinois had been bitten several times by heated females during last a year or so and became very conservative to naturally mating to any females. If your dogs won't breed naturally and you are convinced that you should have a litter from them, then you will have to do an artificial insemination.
On a 2 AI kit we supply 4 sheaths, on a 3 AI kit we supply 6 sheaths so if you tear one you have another.
This is by far the best video I have seen on performing artificial insemination on canines. We find we usually get better collections with a female present but if he gets stressed about having her there then I would do what works!
As per your video that a teaser female is used during collection, while 3 persons are required.

Can I simply use the collected semen in a separate room without a teaser female and do the insemination in a different room?
Some times he jumps but he does not know how to do it and this has happed many times with him.
The portion of the DVD with the dead puppy was helpful, It made us feel like we at least knew what it would look like when one dies.

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