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Anju Kushwaha, uma mulher de 28 anos, deu a luz 10 bebes na India, mas todos estavam mortos. Todos eles nasceram mortos, SK Pathak, o assistente superintendente do hospital, disse ao Times of India. O nascimento pode ter sido originado a partir de uma utilizacao incorreta dos tratamentos, de acordo com o ginecologista senior, Dr.
Os dez bebes natimortos fazem parte da maior gravidez ja registrada na India, e possivelmente, no mundo inteiro.
The most common kind of artificial insemination is intrauterine insemination, or IUI, where the sperm is placed directly in the uterus.  This form of artificial insemination has an average success rate of approximately 15 percent.

Single women who, in the absence of a male partner, wish to become pregnant may choose to undergo artificial insemination. Very spontaneous: a handful of tadpoles in water all fished out of a rainwater pond, a dinner plate from the cupboard, and a black t-shirt I was wearing at the time.
The stud has been awarded the (BQM) Breeders Quality Mark by the British Equestrian Federation.
In combination with Delaware Veterinary Practice we are able to offer competitive Fertility packages. The complete service also includes the organising of semen to be sent to the stud which can be from the UK or from anywhere in Europe and outside Europe.

The Stud has handled and successfully inseminated semen from the World’s most Prestigious Stallions from Eventing, Show jumping and Dressage.
A mulher havia passado por tratamentos de fertilidade antes de dar a luz aos bebes prematuros. A gravidez que hoje em dia e conhecida como a maior de todas, e de uma mulher de 35 anos que, em 1971, teve 15 fetos mortos retirados dela, em Roma.

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