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You may experience an increase in vaginal discharge during your pregnancy, due to higher levels of oestrogen. As pregnancy progresses, the frequency and intensity of yeast infections – commonly known as thrush – can increase as a result of your changing hormone levels. Your bladder is the hollow muscular organ that collects urine and it can be quite frustrating when it doesn't function normally.
PMS stands for ‘Premenstrual Syndrome’ – it’s the combination of symptoms that some women suffer from a week or so before their period. As you probably know, changing hormone levels in your monthly cycle bring with them a whole range of body changes.
This may come as a surprise, but your 'monthly' cycle doesn’t necessarily take place once a month.

This thin, milky, mild-smelling discharge is perfectly normal and plays a role in keeping you and your baby healthy.The amount of discharge can possibly increase until term, sometimes becoming quite heavy.
Foul-smelling or coloured discharge can indicate an infection and you should seek medical advice if you notice this. I had a read about these little chaps today, and it turns out they are even weirder still.So as you know, duck billed platypus are based in Australia and nowhere else. When the first specimens of platypus were brought back to England, many zoologists simply assumed they were fakes.
The Victorians had a bit of a track record for sticking together bits of different animals to get whoops of joy from the English population of the time.The zoologists had no point of reference for all the strange features that the platypus displayed.
It was named platypus which means flat footed, but it was soon realised that that name had already been taken by a type of beetle, so it had to be changed.

Its official name is actually Ornithorynchus anatinus which is trickier to say; it means bird snout and duck like.
The males have spurs on their hind legs, the poison it delivers is enough to do away with a cat or a dog but wouldn’t kill a human. When they hunt they close their eyes, ears and nose, it’s only the most minute of electrical charges that guide them to their lunch.
The eggs are more reptilian in texture than bird-like.A chicken, for instance, holds an egg inside for just one day, then pops it out to incubate for 21 days.

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