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When Canada decriminalized abortion in 1969, technology did not exist to let the world see inside the womb. By the end of the 20th day, the foundation of the child’s brain, spinal cord and entire nervous system will have been established. From a scientific point of view, it is indisputable that this tiny little thing is in fact, a very small human. At this point of development the structures that eventually form the face and neck are becoming evident.  The heart and blood vessels continue to develop.
By this day the cerebral cortex, that part of the central nervous system that governs motor activity as well as intellect may be seen.
Typically, a woman is not aware that she is pregnant until the fifth to sixth week after she has conceived. The heart beats strongly as the unborn’s stomach, liver and kidneys perform the tasks for which they were designed.
Although just an ounce in weight and no more than a goose egg in size, the unborn begins to display movement including swallowing, squinting, swimming, sucking her thumb and grasping her hands. The weight of the child expands sixfold by end of the month, a time at which she is about 8 to 10 inches in height or about 50% of what she will be at birth.
During this time she responds to sounds, her mother’s voice, pain, and the taste of substances placed in the amniotic fluid. So my only goal for the Lake Martin 50 was to run for as long as possible without doing further damage to my L4. Sally, Mindy, and I drove out to Lake Martin early that morning, rocking out to some T Swift to wake us up. I ran the first 12 miles at a comfortable pace, chatting it up with friends, taking photos, and enjoying the scenery of Lake Martin.
Chris and his famous blogger wife Rachel are the best couple (of friends) you could ask for. I rolled through the Heavenly Hill aid station for the second time, barely pausing to refill my water and grab a handful of chips. The 27-miler has a short two-mile out-and-back section, where you need to grab a ribbon to prove you’re not a cheater (as some have done in Tosch races) (we know who you are). And then, after six months or a year of what you’d assumed was domestic bliss, your nanny gives her notice. You and the baby have been listening to Helen Reddy’s “You and Me Against the World” on repeat for days now, and you got this. Boy Scouts Send Outrageously Shamey Letter To Breastfeeding MomMom outraged by letter from Boy Scouts leader shaming her for breastfeeding When you think of Boy Scouts, what comes to mind?
The post Boy Scouts Send Outrageously Shamey Letter To Breastfeeding Mom appeared first on Scary Mommy.
Finding The Sweet Spot When It Comes To Disciplining Our KidsI have been called a strict and overbearing mother. The post Finding The Sweet Spot When It Comes To Disciplining Our Kids appeared first on Scary Mommy.
To a certain extent, abortion advocates in that era of scientific ignorance who honestly believed the unborn was merely a “blob of tissue” might be excused.

That is when a genetically new and genetically complete individual first comes into existence. However, it is an undisputed biological fact that the zygote is an individual being who is alive and is of the human species. Her genetic make-up is already established, determining to a great extent her individual physical characteristics – gender, eye colour, bone structure, hair colour, susceptibility to certain diseases, etc. That is, she has the ability under our current technological knowledge, to survive outside her mother’s womb. In his book Defending Life (pp71), Francis Beckwith quotes an Amicus Curiae, cited in Schwarz, The Moral Question of Abortion, pp 3-4, in his book, Defending Life, pp71. Here is another one: My friend sent me a link to the “Newest X-ray scanning technology Video Of Human Conception To Birth”. I threw in the towel when my body said it was time to call it quits, and walked (not limped) off the course proudly. The sun rose and the light filtered through the trees onto the new spring grass and leaves and flowers—I was smitten with trail running all over again.
You should know all about it if you clicked on his race report in the beginning of this post.
I had months before Cascade Crest 100, so why not suffer through a 50 and then sit on the bench for a few weeks or months or decades.
Ok—really I wanted to take a rest, have a snack, and listen to the water, but I was also mourning. All the anger and sadness and frustration melted away with the sweat that was pouring from my body. In real life, I do marketing for an outdoor publications company and write for various publications. The young woman who thinks like you, loves your child like you, and fortunately, has way more energy than you.
Sure, she said she’d be delighted to stay with your family till the baby goes off to kindergarten, but she said that as a 21-year-old.
But thanks to modern microscopic imaging and video technology, we can now see the newly created human being inside the womb.
The new being inherits 23 chromosomes from the female germ cell (ovum) and 23 from the male germ cell (sperm), to form a full diploid set of 46 chromosomes and thus, its own human genomic sequence. The new being that arises is a distinct, individual human life, separate from the life of the mother and of the father.
She remains a human being throughout her life, from zygote to embryo to fetus to newborn to adolescent and throughout adulthood until natural death, at which time the existence of the living organism ends.
The word embryo is a noun derived from the adjective embryonic, which is used to describe an embryonic human being, just like we’d talk about an infantile human being, as an infant, or an adolescent human as an adolescent.
The video presenter Alexander Tsiaras, a Greek, is a renowned technologist, artist, journalist, entrepreneur and author.
The course is a pleasant mix of rolling (read: hilly) single track and red clay jeep roads. Chris and I fell into an easy rhythm of chatting and leap-frogging each other during those first 12 miles—he successfully read both my body language and mind, knew that I was in a world of pain, but played along and pretended it wasn’t real.

My bargaining skills must be a tad unpolished, because no one agreed with my logic—I knew I should have taken more sales courses in undergrad.
I held my head high as I dipped back into the woods alone for the final 7-mile loop, then promptly fell apart. While it was hilarious at times (I swear I didn’t exaggerate—if anything, I under-exaggerated how I felt inside), I was really, really bummed. I have yet to jump into Ultras, but reading this recap took me through the emotions with you. The flood of relief at knowing your sweet little is in good hands after weeks of stressing out about who will take care of them when you’re at work is intoxicating. She must have always suspected how unworthy you are, from your half-eaten pints of ice cream in the freezer to the alarming number of wine bottles in the recycling bin. And then there are the DNFs where your heart and body and brain get into a battle royale for hours until you succumb to common sense and quit so you can live to see another day.
Pause—I’d like to take a moment to be thankful that I have the energy in a 50-miler to devote to throwing tantrums, when a few short years ago the thought of running an ultra terrified the bejesus out of me. So I came to my senses, calmed down, and did the only reasonable thing to do at that moment—whipped out my phone and started calling all the people. It was perfect running weather, I was working on my golden runner’s tan, I was in my happy place, and yet I was the saddest panda at the zoo. And when you take away one of the things I love most, I’m going to be upset about it. I eventually stood up and put my big girl panties back on, then met up with another runner and chatted with her for the remainder of the loop. You never wanted a person of such weak character, who could be turned so easily by the prospect of “more money” or “travel.” If she couldn’t stick with it for the long haul, which surely would include an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii with your family (eventually) and Christmas bonuses in accordance with the guidelines established in Emily Post, then she doesn’t deserve you. This Lake Martin 50 race report will be a stream-of-consciousness post, so roll with me here.
I had finally accepted that today was not my day to run 50 miles, but damn it if I couldn’t still have fun! Still a great day at the office, if you ask me. Life has handed you lemons, but you have the power to go out there and find a nanny who knows how to make really good lemonade. You feel like you’re just a half step down from being Supermom (as opposed to your usual ranking near or on the dirty floor of your kitchen).
The person who takes care of your child should be willing and eager to wrap herself around him in the face of a devastating volcano. Maybe your next nanny will be a trainee aesthetician and can do your makeup before you leave for work so you look like a person! I’m a stubborn fucker who would literally have to be on the brink of permanent injury or death before admitting defeat on something I really want to do. It’s a clean slate, so tell prospective candidates that you’re obsessed with cleaning and hope to find a tidy house when you get home.

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