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Absolute Age Determination: Physical and Chemical Dating Methods and Their Application by Mebus A.
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The spectrum of physical and chemical dating methods now covers the entire range of Earth history.
A reference for students, practitioners, and others interested in the application of physical and chemical dating methods to the geosciences and archaeology. The Pleistocene Kimitsu aquifer was selected for examination of the relationship between groundwater age and chemical evolution of Ca(HCO3)2-type groundwater. O aquifero plistocenico Kimitsu foi selecionado para analise das relacoes entre a idade das aguas subterraneas e a evolucao quimica dessas mesmas aguas de tipo Ca(HCO3)2. L’aquifere pleistocene de Kimitsu a ete selectionne pour etudier la relation entre l’age des eaux souterraines et l’evolution chimique d’eaux souterraines de type Ca(HCO3)2. Se selecciono el acuifero Kimitsu para examinar la relacion entre la edad del agua subterranea y la evolucion quimica de agua subterranea de tipo Ca(HCO3)2. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. But there are so many methods that it is becoming increasingly difficult to select those that are appropriate for solving a specific problem. For the most part, the aquifer is confined and composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with a small amount of calcite.
Na sua maior parte, o aquifero e confinado e composto principalmente por quartzo e feldspato com uma pequena quantidade de calcite.
Pour l’essentiel, l’aquifere est captif et compose principalement de quartz et feldspath avec une faible quantite de calcite.
En su mayor parte, el acuifero esta confinado y compuesto principalmente de cuarzo y feldespato con una pequena cantidad de calcita.
Balkema, AmsterdamBath AH, Edmunds WM, Andrews JN (1979) Palaeoclimatic trends deduced from the hydrochemistry of a Triassic sandstone aquifer, United Kindgom. The objective of this book is to cover the whole spectrum of methods and to give examples of their applications. The groundwater ages calculated by 14C were adjusted by using a carbon mass-balance method and corrected for effects of 14C diffusion. A idade da agua subterranea, calculada a partir do 14C, foi ajustada atraves de um metodo de balanco de massa e corrigida para os efeitos de difusao do 14C.

Les ages de l’eau souterraine calcules par 14C ont ete ajustes en utilisant la methode d’equilibre de masse du carbone et corriges des effets de la diffusion du 14C.
Las edades del agua subterranea calculadas con 14C se ajustaron utilizando un metodo de balance de masa de carbono y se corrigieron por efectos de la difusion de 14C. Thus it is addressed to everybody interested in the application of physical and chemical dating methods to the geosciences and archeology. Groundwater ages in the Kimitsu aquifer vary from modern (upgradient) to approximately 2,400 years at 4.4 km from the edge of the recharge area. A idade da agua subterranea do aquifero Kimitsu varia desde moderna (a montante) ate aproximadamente 2,400 anos a 4.4 km do centro da area de recarga. Les ages des eaux souterraines de l’aquifere de Kimitsu sont comprises entre des ages recents dans la partie amont et environ 2400 ans pour les eaux souterraines situees a 4.4 km du bord de la zone de recharge. Las edades del agua subterranea en el acuifero Kimitsu varian desde modernas (gradiente arriba) hasta aproximadamente 2,400 anos a 4.4 km del limite del area de recarga, La edad 14C se verifico a traves de la velocidad del agua subterranea calculada a partir del gradiente hidraulico y la conductividad hidraulica. IAEA, Vienna, pp 545–568Chapelle FH, McMahon PB (1991) Geochemistry of dissolved inorganic carbon in a coastal plain aquifer. It is especially valuable as a concise, but comprehensive reference for students and practitioners.
The 14C age was verified by groundwater velocity calculated from the hydraulic gradient and hydraulic conductivity.
A idade 14C foi verificada pela velocidade da agua subterranea calculada a partir do gradiente hidraulico e da condutividade hidraulica. L’age au 14C a ete verifie a partir du calcul de la vitesse des eaux souterraines en considerant le gradient et la conductivite hydraulique. El agua subterranea confinada evoluciono hacia el tipo Ca(HCO3)2-en alrededor de 50 anos despues de la recarga y esto se ha mantenido por mas de 8,300 anos debido a la baja reactividad quimica derivada del equilibrio con la calcita, caolinita y montmorillonita Ca.
The confined groundwater evolved to Ca(HCO3)2-type around 50 years after recharge and this has been maintained for more than 8,300 years due to low chemical reactivity, derived from equilibrium with calcite, kaolinite and Ca-montmorillonite. A agua subterranea confinada evoluiu para tipo Ca(HCO3)2 cerca de 50 anos apos a recarga e esta situacao mantem-se por mais de 8,300 anos, devido a limitada reatividade quimica, derivada do equilibrio com a calcite, caulinite e montmorilonite-Ca.
L’eau souterraine confinee a evolue vers un type Ca(HCO3)2 environ 50 ans apres la recharge, evolution qui s’est maintenue durant de plus de 8300 ans, a cause de la faible reactivite chimique, deduite de l’equilibre avec la calcite, kaolinite et Ca-montmorillonite. Por outro lado, a percolacao a partir de zonas profundas, que e reconhecida pelos valores elevados de Cl, causa incrementos importantes nas concentracoes de CH4 e HCO3, resultando numa aparente zona sulfidrica a 500 m de profundidade na maioria das regioes a jusante. Chiba Prefecture, Chiba, JapanCompilation Committee of History of Kimitsu City (1996) Kimitsu-shi shi Shizen-hen [History of Kimitsu City: nature]. Daiichi-hoki, TokyoDowning RA, Smith DB, Pearson FJ, Monkhouse RA, Otlet RL (1977) The age of groundwater in the Lincolnshire limestone, England and its relevance to the flow mechanism.

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