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Wilson Veterinary Group offers a high standard of veterinary care in a friendly and professional environment. It is said that 1 in 3 pets in the UK need veterinary treatment at least once a year to a level that would mean a claim on their pet insurance.
First of all lets briefly explain how ultra sound actually works - without getting too technical!The ultrasound beam is produced by small crystals which are housed within a transducer (probe). As a general rule, the average pet owner will not need to immunize a femaledog that has happened to fall pregnant. You should be aware that some insurance companies have age limits after which pets cannot commence insurance.
If the bitch is nicely up to date with all of her vaccines, then there is usually no real need to give an extra boostervaccination just because of her pregnancy. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The ultrasound crystals produce many rapid pulses of ultrasound which allow images to be continually updated on the screen so that movement of organs can be seen. Risks of vaccination (for any animal) are discussed in detailon our Vaccination Side Effects page and indications and contraindications of live and killed vaccines are discussed on our How vaccines Work page.
B) A desire to achieve high levels of antibodies in the bitch's colostrum so thatthe pups are better protected. If most of the ultrasound beam is reflected back to the transducer the images appear white on the screen.
Some breeders vaccinate all their bitches as a routinepart of their vaccine program to avoid losing puppies to the major infections. Other breederslimit the practice, only giving vaccines to pregnant bitches in high-infection-risk situations (e.g.
Gasses such as air (found in the lungs and some area of the gastrointestinal tract) do not allow the transmission of ultrasound and also appear white on the ultrasound screen.

These breeders in high-risk situationswill also use additional techniques such as early puppy immunization, high-frequencypuppy immunisations and early weaning to try to save their litters.
Our service can detect a pregnancy but we do not make any diagnosis of a pregnancy or other condition. Although these living vaccine viruses infect the body in similar sites and ways to the disease-causing viruses (e.g. Pregnant animals, on the other hand, are not 'normal animals' and nor are their unborn puppies.
Pregnantbitches are generally under physiological stress and often exist in a nutrient deficient state. Consequently, their immune system responsesmay be poorer, resulting in a greater risk of disease manifesting, even with the avirulent forms of virus contained in the live vaccines.
The unborn puppies have minimal immune system maturityat all and are unlikely to be unable to defend themselves against the live viruses contained in the vaccines. For detailed information on live vaccines and how vaccines induce immunity, please visit our How Vaccines Work page.
These killed vaccinesmade up of incomplete virus or bacteria components are termed 'subunit vaccines'.3) Immune-stimulatory additives (adjuvants).
In order to make inactivated vaccines more effective at inducing immunity, immune-stimulating additives (termed adjuvants) are usually added to killed and subunit vaccines. Remember that, although many killed vaccines are registered for use in expectant bitches and, for the most part, are very safe to use, there is always the risk that your bitch could be the one to suffer a life-threatening allergic reaction (e.g. In a pregnant animal, the sudden cardiovascular collapse and severe drop in blood pressure suffered during an anaphylactic reaction could potentially result in the death of the bitch orher foetuses or potentially induce the bitch to abort her babies. Premedication with a non-corticosteroid-containing anti-histamine might be indicated if an animal is likely to reacttowards vaccination. This is particularly the case if the needle in question is a boosterinjection or the second or third in a series of vaccinations (this hints that the animal might have already been sensitised to the vaccine and that it may be more likely to react).You can read more on anaphylaxis treatment and prevention and the side effects and risks associated with vaccination by heading to our vaccine side effects page. Note that some companies still exclude pregnant bitches from their killed vaccine regimens and these recommendations must be obeyed.

Some makers of killed and intranasal vaccines still recommend in their vaccination guidelines that their productsare not suitable for use in pregnant animals. Vaccine recommendations such as these, provided by vaccine companies, should be adhered to closely.
It may be that some of theadjuvants or organisms contained in these products have simply not been tested in pregnant pets or it may be that they have been tested and not been found to be safe for this application. Thisabsence of maternal immunity would allow the pup's own immune system to be exposed to the vaccine antigens administered during the 10-12 week and 16 week vaccinations (depending on the individual vaccine schedule).
As a result, the puppy would develop a protective immune response against the virulent strains of these organisms, present in the environment. Bitches vaccinated during pregnancy:When bitches are vaccinated during pregnancy, their blood antibody levels towards that vaccinated-against virus (parvovirus is normally the vaccine type given) increase to very high titers, peak levels being achieved approximately 2 weeks after vaccination. The increasein blood antibody levels in the bitch is reflected in her colostrum, which also contains higher levelsof longer-lasting antibody. Consequently, the level of maternal antibody protection affordedthe pups is very high (this extra protection could be very handy in an environmentwhere there is or has been parvovirus contamination). The trouble with this high-levelof maternal immunity is, however, that these antibodies may persist for ages, well out to 12-14 weeks. The naive immune systems of the vaccinated pups may not get exposed to the initial (6-8 week, 12 week) vaccines and a 16-18 week vaccine may be required in order for the pups to be fully protected. The images, taken by Pet Informed, are only used in order to illustrate certain points being made in the article.

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