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In your first week of pregnancy, cell division and placement of fertilized ovum into uterus take place.
The dividing clusters of cells are going towards your uterus and buried itself to posterior uterine wall. Amazing events are occurred in your body during 1st week of pregnancy from fertilization to implantation .
As you already know that you are pregnant, your body shows the early signs symptoms of pregnancy.

Best of luck and congratulation dear for your most beautiful experience to be a mother.  Here was your total journey. But it is very interesting to know about the mechanism of your process of birth of a child.
Simultaneously your kid is growing up, getting shape of a fetus with beating heart and developing eye buds and limb buds for hand and leg.
Cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, HIV and many other diseases and infections can seriously harm the fetus, but doctors can minimize harmful effects after timely detection.

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