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While these pregnancy symptoms are fun ways to predict the gender of the baby, the only true determination is an ultrasound or amniocentesis.
Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester.
Many people believe that the mother’s appearance may indicate the gender of the baby. Traditional beliefs about pregnancy symptoms indicate that the type of cravings a woman experiences during pregnancy may vary based on the baby’s gender. Some women are lucky enough to not experience morning sickness at all; others are plagued with severe morning sickness well into the pregnancy.
A baby who is carried high is thought to be a girl, while a baby being carried low is thought to be a boy.
Most people believe that faster heart beats belong to a baby girl, while slower heart beats belong to a baby boy.

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Don't Miss Out!Sign up for our ModernMom weekly newsletter full of recipes, tips, and must have info for moms! Many people believe that a woman pregnant with a girl will crave sweets, fruit and orange juice. The severity of morning sickness is thought to point to the gender of the baby being carried.
Along the same lines, if a woman is carrying mainly in the front, the gender prediction is a boy. A woman who suffers severe morning sickness that lasts all day long is thought to be carrying a girl.
An old wives tale says that a girl will steal her mother’s beauty, therefore making her look worse than usual.

While many people believe the heart rate theory, several studies have disproved the effectiveness of the heart rate as an indicator of the baby’s gender.
While some women may find that these cravings are accurate indicators of the gender of their baby, many others do not. A basketball shaped belly is likely to hold a boy, while a watermelon shaped belly is growing a baby girl. Cravings are more likely caused by the hormones of pregnancy rather than the gender of the baby.

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