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When I missed my menses for the whole month, I wasn't very excited and I did not purchase the PTK immediately because I know, that wasn't the first time that my menses was late.. So yeah, I had wanted to buy another PTK just to ensure that I didn't test wrongly but Hub insisted on seeing the gynae instead so a week later, we went.. Whilst Twin A scan image shows a very clear image of a Girl, Twin B is still very doubtful to me lor.. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. I did my first abdominal scan (but had to painfully fill up my bladder before that) to confirm the pregnancy..
I don't know from which angle in this image that the sonographer concluded that Twin B is also a Girl..
I was told NOT to bathe him BUT I chose NOT to believe that 'someone', did some googling on chicken pox and it stated clearly that HE HAS TO REMAIN HYGIENIC..
If that’s the question that has been troubling you since long, it will be put to rest finally. The moment my gynae placed the 'scanner' on my abdomen, he asked me whether I have an inkling as to what is going on in my tummy.. However, I'll leave it to the hands of the experts since my gynae had told me before that he suspected that I am carrying twin girls too.. Hysterical because he was running a fever and also because, all the plans to bring him out during the school holidays are spoilt! After some discussion with Mom, we decided that he has to bathe every 3 hours and re-apply the calamine lotion every now and then.
In some cases, the women may have discovered about their pregnancy before the 5th week whereas some may have to wait for another week or two. I am very pleased with my pregnancy so far and I can finally put my mind at ease after my gynae gave an all clear, an indication that everything is going on well, the babies are growing well although not of equal weight (common in twin pregnancy) and that i should just concentrate to eat and sleep well and enjoy my pregnancy for the next 3 months or so.. My gynae has given me the green light to 'nurse' Daniyal because I had chicken pox before and my pregnancy is fine.. 5 Weeks Pregnant:Knowing you are both going to be parents can be exhilarating, scary and inexplicable to both you and your partner at the same time.

Before he had chicken pox, the school has already warned me that a few kids were having it and that chances are anyone attending school can be infected.
Lucky for Daniyal he got himself vaccinated against chicken pox at a young age so the breakout wasn't that bad for him.. However, this may be an unreliable method in modern times, especially if your periods have not been regular in past few months.Want to know how to confirm your 5th week of pregnancy? You may find pregnancy kits are easily available at the every local drugstore; in addition, they are easy to understand and use.
There are different types of pregnancy kits available in market which varies in shapes, sizes and colour as well.
Typically, you have to test your urine through the pregnancy test kit and wait for a few minutes for the results. Well, it seems that the HUGE black foetus has since splitted to form 2 foetuses after my 5th week and this, my gynae claimed is an identical twin pregnancy because it resulted from 1 egg that splits..
If you test either positive or negative, it is always wise to have another back-up test to double check, before you let your emotions take over you. There are some confusing terms involved with these tests, which you must understand before making any conclusions.False Positives And False Negatives!Some home pregnancy kits depend on the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) in the urine to detect your pregnancy.
The hCG levels do rise steeply after conception, but they take time to reach a level where they can be detected by a urine test.
Consequently, even if you have conceived but are quite early in the pregnancy, the result may come out as false negative.The chances of false-positive result are less compared to false-negative results. False-positive results is, when the pregnancy kit tells you’re pregnant when in reality you are not. This false message is given out when there is either blood or protein present in your urine. Gradually, things get better and now that I am at my 24th weeks, I never felt better although I'm battling with cramps almost every morning.. I went for a detailed scan at East Shore Hospital last month and it is confirmed by the sonographer that I am carrying Twin Girls..
Along with a urine test, the healthcare professional will also have your blood tested for pregnancy.

A quantitative test will be done to measure the levels of hormones present in your blood which will give you a clue regarding any abnormality present in your pregnancy. In fact, it would be great if you decide on a good maternity hospital beforehand and have your pregnancy test done there.One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby would be to stick with one hospital, so that they can maintain your record and keep track of changes taking place in you and your baby. The outer signs of pregnancy can be seen only when the bump appears, which is quite far away for now. Don’t worry, all these mentioned 5th week pregnancy symptoms and some more are going to appear during your pregnancy, but handling them will be easy. Manage And Maintain A Good Exercise Routine:If you have been a couch potato for long, now’s the time to start exercising. Say No To Alcohol:There is no evidence to prove what amount of alcohol consumption is safe for your baby. Hence, in the best interest of your baby, it will be great if you can avoid consumption of alcohol as far as possible.3. Do Not Literally Eat For Two People:Though there is another life growing inside you, it is just a small embryo and does not require a full meal. Get Fresh Every Day:You will already be given folic acid and vitamin D supplements by your doctor, but you need to add oranges, red peppers, kiwi fruit and berries to your diet to get enough amount of vitamin C.
Avoid Sea Fare:Though seafood is very healthy, avoid eating raw or under cooked sea food during your pregnancy.
If the seafood is not properly cooked, it may carry parasites like tapeworm which can make you sick; moreover, it will drain your body of the essential nutrients needed for the baby’s growth. Most Popular19th Week Pregnancy – Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes18th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes20 Must Follow Do's And Don'ts During Pregnancy2nd Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes MORE ARTICLES7 Top Nursery Rhymes And Their Hidden MeaningYou Have Different Breastmilk For Your Daughter And Son17 Foods Your Baby Can Eat Without TeethYour Newborn Might Be Blue.
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