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The BBC’s Countryfile TV presenter Julia Bradbury has given birth to a little baby boy and has called him Zephyr.
Endometriosis is a common condition which leaves small pieces of the womb lining outside the womb. My pregnancy was fairly normal – I experienced some nausea in the first three months, a heightened sense of smell and some fatigue for the duration – but at the end of my sixth month, on a Friday afternoon, I noticed spotting. My “Braxton Hicks contractions” were mildly uncomfortable and far apart for several hours, but about four hours after I had my first, I felt a huge surge of pain and knew I was actually, finally in labor! I checked in, was measured to be dilated to 4 centimeters, given the option of an epidural – which I took – and told to get some rest. The decision to deliver via Caesarian section was made due to failure to progress and an occiput posterior presentation – I was unable to vaginally deliver because the baby was facing down, not up. The fentanyl drip ran out a few minutes later, and as my husband was collecting our belongings from the labor and delivery room I began to feel some discomfort. When my husband arrived in the operating room, anaesthesia had been re-established but I was exhausted, trembling, and significantly weakened from the ordeal. I met her about an hour after she was delivered when my husband noticed me waking up and brought her in to see me.
Fortunately, the C-section, my recovery, and the remainder of our hospital stay proceeded uneventfully. Earlier this year, Julia said that her pregnancy was a miracle after she was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 33.

In a recent exclusive interview with Julia she told us that the name is of Greek origin and she chose it as her mum is Greek. For anybody suffering with the condition they’ll know that it causes severe pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis or lower back. When the spotting persisted the next morning, my husband and I went to the hospital to have it checked out. Now four days overdue, I went to see my obstetrician, who gave me a pelvic exam and determined the baby to be in good condition and not at risk in her current position.
My wonderful and stalwart husband was there with me the whole time, and I felt well-supported by the nurse and obstetrician on duty. About twenty minutes later, my husband again pointed out to the nurse that the epidural bag was very nearly empty.
We were assured that the anaesthesiologist was on his way and that the situation would be taken care of. A significant interval elapsed while the surgical team was being assembled in which I felt an extraordinary amount of pain and panic, still laboring now with our baby partially descended into the birth canal.
Our daughter was delivered by Caesarian section on Saturday, September 11th, and I was too tired to meet her.
Overall, it was not at all how I had envisioned the birthing experience, but we now have a healthy, happy, bright preschooler. We headed to California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, the hospital we chose based on the outstanding reputation of their Women and Children’s Center.

I settled into my bed but it was difficult to relax because one of the side effects I experienced as a result of the epidural was itchiness.
By late afternoon on September 11th, I had been in labor for nearly 24 hours and pushing for nearly four hours.
The nurse said she could not refill it and that she would have to call Anaesthesia to do so. That evening, though, I began having contractions and despite that fact that I was overdue, I actually thought they were Braxton Hicks contractions and took a warm bath to ward them off. My husband looked at the bag hanging for my epidural, and pointed out to the new nurse that it was nearly empty. I went to her office where she performed her own battery of tests, determined I was at risk for pre-term labor, and prescribed an anti-contraction medication and five difficult weeks of bed rest. She assured us that there was some time remaining and that it would be refilled when necessary.

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