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It's not unusual for a baby to be overdue — and you to feel overdone, but you're apt to feel real labor pains anytime this week or next.
It seems like your baby has opted for a late checkout, quite a popular option judging by the numbers. Defy gravity and give your body a break from all the extra weight by floating in a warm bath or pool. Believe it or not, diarrhea might be a good sign your baby is on her way (it's your body's way of clearing out the area).
Many babies slow down their activity at this late stage in the game mainly because they become too cramped in the uterus (they are full size and weight now) to move around much.
You may notice a pink- or brown-tinged mucous discharge in your underpants — or in the toilet.
During an internal exam, your practitioner will probably tell you how much your cervix is dilated (opened) and effaced (thinned). If the bulging veins in your rectum are causing you pain (thanks in large part to the increased blood flow to your pelvic area and the pressure your uterus is putting on your rectum), try soaking in a warm sitz bath for 15 to 20 minutes to soothe your aching bum.
So it already seemed bad enough that their policy applied to everyone, regardless of the patient’s health and personal desires.
I want to let women know that they’re allowed to fight for the kind of birth they want.
Fewer than five percent of babies are born on their actual due dates — and around 50 percent decide to overstay their welcome in Hotel Uterus, thriving well into the tenth month.

By the time you're 41 weeks pregnant, your practitioner has probably discussed labor induction with you, but that doesn't mean that you won't still go into labor on your own; some babies just need to take their time. It's hard to think of anything else when your due date has come and gone — a week ago. In fact, 70% of post-term pregnancies aren't actually late at all but a miscalculation of the time of conception. Continue to do Kegel exercises to strengthen those pelvic-floor muscles and wear a panty liner (if you like) to stay dry in the meantime.
The passage of this mucous means that blood vessels in the cervix are rupturing as the cervix is beginning to open up in preparation for labor (could be today or several days from now). This opening and thinning of the cervix mean that it's getting ready to make way for a baby. It's very common to experience diarrhea (or nausea) shortly before you go into labor since your muscles (including those in your intestines and rectum) are loosening in preparation for childbirth. Remember, too, that most of the time an overdue baby isn't overdue at all — it's just that the due date was off. But you know what they say about a watched pot — so in an effort to keep your mind off your tardy baby and to keep busy, try to have something planned every day (and watching the clock tick doesn't count!).
I want to avoid induction if at all possible (too many people I know have been induced and ended up with a c-section) and definitely plan on sticking to my guns. I realize that you’re being induced today if homeboy hasn’t made his way out yet, but may I suggest running stairs and having a lot of sex?
Get out of the house: Take a walk (which might even help get your contractions going), get a manicure or a haircut (you may not have the chance once baby's on board), see a movie or two (your last for a while), hit the mall for those last-minute baby needs, have lunch with your friends and dinner with your spouse, do a thorough grocery-store sweep so you'll come home to a full fridge and freezer.

Due dates can be off since no one was sitting there notating your cycle and your sexual activity. Your water may break (though it may not) and you may notice pink or red-tinged mucous (the bloody show) just before labor begins. Oh and tell your friends and family to stop calling every day: Remind them that no news is…no news. He doesn’t just get to start deciding what he’s gonna do without your full informed consent and approval! Typically (though not always), contractions start out further apart and then get progressively closer together.
And I hate that pregnancy and childbirth is so medicalized here- almost like the baby you’re growing is an illness that must be taken care of, instead of letting your body do what it was made to do.
And though there are such things as textbook labors, many break a surprising number of rules.
If you're feeling contractions but you're not sure if it's the real thing, call your practitioner and describe what you're feeling.
It's likely he or she will be able to judge by the sound of your voice (plus a good description of your symptoms) whether you're in labor.

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