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Now that you are 40 weeks pregnant and this is almost your last week of pregnancy; we say almost because some pregnant women give birth in 41 or 42 weeks of pregnancy. Be aware that if you carry a baby girl, this is the last week of pregnancy, while if you have a baby boy, the pregnancy may continue further a week or two. The feet will be very tired and nobody would be surprised if you would prefer to sleep in a rocking chair instead of your bed since the position will ease your breathing and help you take some rest. Finally, you will get to know that real labor contractions are more painful, more intense and they occur in frequency of 3-4 times for every 10 min and each contraction lasts up to 60 seconds. When you experience real labor contractions in week 40 pregnancy, then you cannot even walk around your house, watch a movie or even take a warm bath for relaxing to the forthcoming birth. If you are 40 weeks pregnant and if you experience contractions every 5 minutes over an hour and breakage of water does not take place, then too immediately head to the birth center.
When the baby is descended, the contractions push your baby to move through the birth canal. If you don’t deliver your baby during the 40th week of pregnancy, then it will happen in 41 or 42 weeks. At pregnancy 40 weeks, your baby is about the size of 22 inches long and weighs up to 7.5 pounds. In spite of the impressive progress in medical science, the exact prediction of the delivery date is impossible; no matter how accurate is your prediction of the moment when the baby was conceived.

The doctors cannot explain why certain births occur on schedule regardless the age of the mother while others are delayed with no real reason.  It is statistically demonstrated that breathing exercises and pregnancy yoga help the baby’s delivery go smoothly. The physical activity of the mother during pregnancy influences the flexibility of the articulations during birth. Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun. It is a known fact that boys are a bit more “lazy” than girls when it comes to leaving the mother’s womb; so be prepared for the delivery according to your baby’s sex, if you were curious enough to find it after the ultrasound.
Your baby not only occupies your thoughts, but also completely occupies your uterus, and your belly looks as big as it can in 40 weeks pregnancy.
If you notice the mucus plug on your panties or pregnancy absorbent it means that the moment has arrived. If you are a first time mother, finally you will understand just how fake Braxton-Hick contractions are. The dilation of cervix up to 10 cm leads descending of your baby into the pelvic region and this is accompanied with the feelings of rectal pressure just like the feelings that you experience before a bowel movement. Expelling the entire placenta is most important because any residual parts can cause infection and bleeding later. There were cases when accurate estimations were contradicted by a long pregnancy and an induced birth.

This amazing organ must come out completely; otherwise you will be at a risk of hemorrhage. I'm pregnant with quintuplets and with quintuplets from 30 weeks until 37 weeks, you have severe contractions.
The human mind is a powerful tool and in the case of pregnant women this tool becomes even more powerful because of the mother-baby bond. If this happens with you, immediately go to the birth center even if the contractions have not yet started. In most of the cases, even when the mother is completely dilated, the baby won’t move down until much later in the labor process. Usually, at this time, the baby’s head is downwards and the back of the head is facing against your abdomen. Your doctor will examine your placenta after it has been expelled to make sure that no fragments remain.
I already have birth to one set of quintuplets, naturally and the contractions and labour killed.

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