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I’ve really come to love my prenatal yoga classes as they connect me with women who are experiencing the same things as I am and I don’t ever have to modify! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And, finally, I’m cherishing every single last moment with my first little girl right now. Morning sickness: It was still lingering a little, especially at night, but not bad at all. Signs of labor: Last Monday, I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, but other than that, no obvious signs. I also did a 30-minute workout in our home gym, which was mostly strength training (squats, KB deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses, ball slams). Sending positive thoughts of a speedy and healthy delivery so you can meet your baby boy very soon. You looked amazing your entire pregnancy, and are a huge motivation to me at 18 weeks pregnant. You look great and so strong, and I’m excited to hear your news when it’s time!
I was MUCH better about doing my relaxation practice (either using YouTube guided relaxations, listening to yoga music and visualizing birth or doing a relaxation practice with Mike) on top of all the yoga I did this month.
By the end of the month when the squats were getting to be close to 200, I decided to only do them when I felt fresh or wasn’t already doing a class like yoga or barre.
We also tend to spend at least 5 minutes at the end of class connecting with baby during savasana.

My arms are more sculpted thanks to yoga and barre classes (I do additional arm strengthening moves for the 10 minutes of class that they do abs so I get bonus arm sculpting) and my butt and thighs, although covered in an extra layer of cushion thanks to pregnancy pounds, are definitely stronger. I'm a runner, triathlete, Ironman and fitness lover living at the beach in San Diego who made a big lifestyle change in 2011 with the help of P90X. She has a weird fascination with Q-Tips, and usually I’d be annoyed finding her having dumped out an entire box of them.
I really thought I’d have a tiny baby boy in my arms before I hit 40 weeks, but, hey, I guess Hippity wants to make an extra special entrance into this world! I had trouble falling asleep almost every night last week and then I would wake up super early in the morning.
The Prednisone only helped a little, so… lots of blood… lots of trips to the bathroom… blah. I never made it to 40 weeks ha, I had to be induced 11 days early and meeting her was the best thing ever! Congratualtions on your son and enjoy the time together, getting to know each other after all this time. I love taking long walks with friends or Mike and it has been a great replacement for running because I still get to enjoy the outdoors and sweat while chatting along with friends. However, in light of our upcoming addition, it just seemed like a funny game to play along with this time, and so we enjoyed our Q-Tip time, counting them, cleaning Mommy’s ears and eventually throwing them away. It’s so big,so round,so out there and SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been wonderful having you share your journey with us and I can’t wait to see what this new phase brings!

Plus, with the heat wave there were several days when the thought of getting all sweaty doing them wasn’t appealing! I’m pretty excited that both studios (CAP wellness and Xtend Barre) have mommy and me workout classes!
Although I can’t work on inversions or advanced balance postures in yoga, my form in the most fundamental poses has dramatically improved.
I did, however, hold the deep squat almost every day for at least 1.5 minutes, sometimes up to 2 minutes. I can’t wait to come back with Siena for a fun workout with fellow new moms when the time is right. The shift in my focus from running (and specifically, qualifying for Boston) to more holistic, overall well-being centered goals has been therapeutic for me.
Sorry about the colitis, as a fellow IBD sufferer I wonder how diet (junk food, spicy food) affects symptoms? I am a medical professional as well and know that any food can’t cause colitis or make it worse but can exacerbate symptoms.

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