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So, on Tuesday evening, I stretched out on our chaise, feet up, and stayed there all night until I went to bed.
Strapped to the monitoring machine at the hospital, we could hear not only our baby’s heartbeat, but could hear him kicking and moving up a storm. After an ultrasound and pelvic exam showed that my cervix was not beginning to dilate, but was in fact, extremely long (save the jokes!), the dehydration theory was brought up again.
A couple of hours and a $200 copay later, I was on my way home with instructions to drink at least 2L of water every day. Did you experience Braxton Hicks contractions or any preterm labor symptoms in your pregnancies? I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon for the exact same pain issues – same outcome. Even though this happened to me with my 2nd pregnancy, it was new to me and like you said, painful.

I have been dealing with Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks now, something that took some getting used to since I didn’t really experience them with my first pregnancy. While I had been feeling ok during the day, once again the pains and discomfort had returned.
So much so, that when the doctor came in to talk with us, she turned down the machine’s volume and laughed about how active our baby was. I was also told that when I get cramps, I should stop what I’m doing, lie down on my side, and drink water until it passes. This is my first time going through any of this – my first pregnancy was pretty easy going. This is my first pregnancy, so I wasn’t sure what was going on, the contractions were pretty painful. They of course searched for infections and preterm labor signs, but suspected that the reason I was having fake contractions was due to a lack of water in my system.

So, your uterus mistakenly thinks it’s time to go into labor and begins to have contractions. I have been drinking TONS of water non-stop since I came home, but I am still uncomfortable. They said I was severely dehydrated, I don’t drink a ton of water, but still had no idea that I was dehydrated. They felt the pains were more on the normal side from the way I described them, but encouraged me to make a visit to the hospital if the cramps returned and I was still uncomfortable.

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