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I really miss the feeling of her rolling around my belly, I always felt like that was our little secret together, her way of connecting with me and building a bond. I was not so cute once I decided to indulge in every craving and found small pregnancy aches and pains reason enough to go on a exercise-vacation.
My sister in law just had a baby 3 weeks ago and I cant tell you how amazing it felt to hold a snuggly, teeny, tiny baby. I remember the awesome things like those first few moments after I saw those two lines show upon the pregnancy test, my husbands face when I told him we finally got a positive, the first time I felt her move and the first time I saw her squishy face. My belly got so huge that I could no longer find shirts that would fully cover the bottom of my protruding bump.
Gosh it seems like just yesterday…I have had some variation of baby fever for a while now, but like you, decided it is not the right time.

I popped so many Tums and Gavascon during those nine months that I told Jay I was going to get a decorative candy dish to hold them in. While I do really miss the feeling of being pregnant and having a newborn baby, it’s not the right time for Jay and I to expand our family yet. I worked up until the day before she was born, but I definitely had a ton of swelling at the end!
I'll have to dig up my night before Elly was born shot, I think I was the same size you were at 30weeks.
Happy when I managed to limit my puking to no more then 3 times a day in the last couple of months.
We want to move into a larger home and have some more fun with Marley before we jump back on the baby train.

After our son was born I was done being pregnant but wanted to have more kids soooo, we adopted our daughter Charlotte from Ethiopia which I can say was the easiest pregnancy I've ever had! I couldn’t maneuver my body around enough to check my blind spots, my belly touched the steering wheel and the seat belt cut in in the most uncomfortable manner. But whatever the case I was too busy being amazed that we'd finally succeeded after 6 years to stress over it all.

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