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So you may have caught my announcement a couple of days ago that we are expecting baby number 3 in February! I told Jon, and he insisted it must be a faulty test - so he went out to the shops for more while I sat and panicked about the result - when he came back and we took another test, sure enough it was positive.
The shock soon turned into panic when I started experiencing sharp shooting pains in my left side, and ended up in A & E - early scans showed the little heartbeat in the right place and everything looking normal, but the Drs were concerned about how quickly the pregnancy had occurred after Noah's birth - I have an autoimmune disease called Graves disease which can lead to complications in pregnancy and birth and thyroid levels can be difficult to control after giving birth so they were concerned about me falling pregnant again so soon - I was also still battling an infected c section scar from Noah's birth and there was more concern about this and the strain a pregnancy might put on it so quickly, as the recommended wait between c sections is 2 years to allow your body to fully heal. It was a long few weeks of waiting for answers, but after speaking with consultants for second opinions we were eventually given the all clear and told it was deemed safe to continue with the pregnancy. Obviously as time went on this became increasingly harder - I was already showing, and I was bursting to talk about the pregnancy!

Instead we decided to wait until after the 20 week scan - which we had last week, and everything looked healthy and normal.
The pregnancy so far has been so very different to the last two in a lot of ways - perhaps its because nobody has really known about it so I've not talked about it much, but it's been so easy this time to forget that I'm pregnant at all. I'm amazed to not have experienced ANY movement at all so far - with Tyne and Noah I had already felt lots of movement by this point so it certainly seems odd not to be feeling anything - but everything looked normal at the scan and baby was wriggling away, so I guess the movements are just gentle ones that I can't feel yet! I haven't really had any other symptoms either - no headaches, no sore boobs, no rashes, none of the things I usually experience in pregnancy - the only symptoms I've had so far have been very sore feet and bad hip pain, but otherwise it's been completely symptomless!
Because of my last two c-sections births and how soon after Noah this pregnancy has come about, I have to be scheduled for an early c section delivery this time to ensure that I don't go into labour as that could potentially cause my previous scar to rupture - baby's due date is February 25th so the hospital have suggested I will most likely to be scheduled in to give birth around February 19th.

I'm not going to lie, the prospect of having 3 kids under 3 is a very daunting one and one I am definitely nervous about - I'd love to hear from anyone out there who experienced this or a close age gap between babies (Noah will be 10 and a half months when this baby arrives!) - please tell me it's not so bad?! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions.

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