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I’m going to say you’re going in your going to have that little girl in 2 weeks! If Cooper starts acting weird, you might be close though…the day i went into labor my dogs were abnormally well-behaved and clingy! I want to say June 7th because I am slightly bias as that is my birthday and it is a GREAT day!! It appears (and feels) like I’m still carrying her high, so whenever that big ole belly drops, things will get interesting.

I didn’t go crazy with maternity clothes and am likely testing the limits of many of my waistbands! I have been running and doing weights during pregnancy, but have dialed it back to walking now.
Otherwise, I’m sleeping well, eating smaller, more frequent meals, and staying active through walking. If I knew he was in town for an extended period, you bet I’d be squatting up a storm!

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