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You may begin to feel an increased pressure in your lower abdomen and notice that your baby is gradually dropping. The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day now.
Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Am at my 36weeks and there's lots of movement and tumbling in my stomach is it really normal? This is called lightening or engagement, and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch out a little -- breathing and eating should become easier. These fetal development pages are designed to give a general idea of how a fetus grows in the womb. However, walking may become increasingly uncomfortable -- some women say it feels as if the baby is going to fall out.
The doctor will also check what position the baby is in, in order to estimate how far the baby has dropped into the pelvis. This information will be entered into your maternity notes so that your doctor in hospital will know the position of the baby when you go into labour. The mom to the left (Sarah from Charlevoix, MI, usa) was up for a surprise when she went for her pregnancy check up:The last pregnancy check up I went to at 36 weeks pregnant I was having lower back pain (contractions) and apparently dilated enough to be considered in labor. In fact I had planned on going home after that appointment and packing my bag not to mention my baby shower was scheduled a few days after that!

Thankfully I was blessed with a completely healthy 7 lbs 8 oz baby boy.The fetal age of your baby is now 34 weeks. This is one of the final two weeks where your baby would still be considered premature if delivered. After 37 full weeks of pregnancy, a baby is considered full term.Although most babies born at 36 weeks pregnant are perfectly healthy, they may still need some monitoring for some time as a precaution. The sucking reflex is now developed and the further you go into week 36, the less likely it is that your baby would have problems nursing if born.The baby is still gaining weight, although the growth rate will slow down as your due date is approaching.
While most babies born will move head down for a normal vaginal delivery, others have a different idea. Breach positioning, transverse, shoulder or brow presentations are other ways that your baby may want to try entering the world. If there are any concerns that you may have with your baby’s positioning, be sure to discuss them with your doctor or midwife.
Many women find a burst of energy during this time that enables them to clean or organize their homes in preparation for the big day. Many women find the last month of pregnancy to be exhausting and do little in terms of cleaning or organizing activities at all.
I honestly never experienced any of the nesting instinct energy burst!Many women find themselves riddled with constipation and chronic backaches during this time.
The increasing weight of your baby in your lower abdomen does not help, especially if you are doing things around the home or at work where you have to sit for long periods of time or are on your feet for some duration.

This is a simple swab taken from the vaginal area and is not painful or harmful to you or your baby. The test is not carried out automatically in all countries, and you may want to ask your midwife about it.You may also begin to have internal exams regularly by your doctor to determine if your cervix is thinning or opening at all during the next few weeks.I bet you have already started to prepare for D-day?
But it is slightly easier to breathe, I suppose it is because our baby is now really positioned low and ready to go.Despite losing my mucus plug last week, I have very few contractions this week.Are you also 36 weeks pregnant?
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