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With only 6 weeks to go bump is feeling rather large although I am sure I was bigger first time around!
I think my bump is rather low but I have felt like this throughout the entire pregnancy so I don't think it has dropped yet. I think the tiredness may be beginning to kick in this week as I have been practically falling asleep as I play with Dylan some days.
My back is not suffering like it did in the first pregnancy but I do get some groin aches, especially on the odd occasion I sit down for more than ten minutes and then try and get up again. Still no cravings, nausea or heartburn and I am hoping I have been lucky enough to get away without any of the awkward symptoms yet again! I have lots of plans for the last few weeks of pregnancy including numerous trips to London so taking it easy is certainly not an option.

Adventure, an award winning blog documenting the adventures big and little that being a parent entails. I am hoping this means a slightly smaller baby, but I am preparing for another chunky monkey anyway.
I am still managing to sleep through the night with no insomnia or toilet trips and hoping this continues! I am not on maternity leave until 2 days before my due date as well so really pushing my luck!
He is definitely running out of space though and I can always feel the outline of his body where my tummy is hardest. I already know exactly where it is going to go and I will write a full review once the little man is here and sleeping peacefully in it, but until then you can admire how prepared I am and forget about the fact Squish's room is still full of boxes that have to be unpacked before we can carpet and paint his nursery!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby and feel like I've carried this one really low all the way through too! I remember coming home after a day out with big and middle man and I was expecting baby man and they had fallen asleep in the car.

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