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After wrapping my mind around having twins, I read a great book about nutrition for mom when pregnant with multiples. Today, I’m 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant with MoMo twins and hit my goal weight gain of 50 pounds!
50 ways lose 10 pounds - women' health, There million ways gain 10 pounds, 50 ways lose click 30 ways lose 10 pounds prevention! Very large babies are generally born to mothers who have diabetes or gestational diabetes, but this isn’t always the case.
A typical newborn can lose 7-10% of his or her birth weight, but should gain it back by the time he or she is 2 weeks old. I guess all of this information just proves the point that all babies, and all pregnancies, are different. I think it would be fun if you would leave a comment and share how big your babies were at birth. My son Daniel was born at 39 weeks 1 day, and was 7lbs, 3 oz, but under 7 from day 3 to 10.

I think its important to note that losing more than 10% weight is a risky thing for infants, and if we were that dehydrated as adults, we could probably not move or function very well, either.
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I’m a numbers person so dove right into eating the recommended calories, protein and fats as Dr. Some of them include nutrition during pregnancy, health of mother during pregnancy, baby’s health, size of parents, multiples (is baby a twin or triplet), gender, and birth order. My girls both lost weight after they were born but were back up to birth weight by 2 weeks.
All of my babies have been perfectly normal and healthy despite the differences in their sizes at birth.
Were you sick during your last pregnancy or have some other issue that caused you to not gain weight? All of the posts from Pocketful of Posies are now in the Activities for Kids category on this blog.

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My boys never lost any weight after birth and even gained a few ounces before we left the hospital. She lost 5oz before we left the hospital but the doctor felt most of that was just excess fluid.
After hearing 50-70 pounds and bedrest is only a matter of time with twins, my eyes started to water. On both my husband and my side I have had the biggest baby’s so far (yeah me lol) also having them natural.

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