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All the pregnancy resources tell you that the second trimester is the best: good energy, no sickness, manageable weight gain. My next doctor’s appointment is Monday, so I will know if I have gained–I certainly feel like I have! If you (or someone you know) could use some For Two Fitness gear, you can save 20% off your order using code PONYTAIL. I dont use pinterest but I checked out yours and just wanted to say that Im really impressed that you intend to raise your daughter with brave role models (instead of princesses) and arent impressed by the ‘pink washing’ of girls stuff! For the tabata hill sprints, I step my feet to either side of the mill during the 10 seconds of recovery.
When I got tired during the final weeks of my pregnancies I told myself it was nature’s way of slowing me down. His support, understanding, and love made each moment of life with Susanna within the best. Thank you so much Renae–I know we all have different experiences with pregnancy and I hope my story helps others and you! Pregnancy symptoms I have been feeling lately… well, my belly is getting pretty big, so I am feeling kinda off balance lately.
Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions.
Best moment this week: It seems so long ago now but my trip to the spa last week was wonderful! Miss anything? Same as last week - not having to worry about whether something I eat is going to give me heartburn or not! The third trimester, those same resources tell you to prepare to be uncomfortable and experience more fatigue. When I started wogging, I was fine, but then it just didn’t feel right…any suggestions? I think especially since I am all baby as I can see you are, it is very uncomfortable for me and will help me too!

I would always just tell myself to do what I could & if I couldn’t, then I could just STOP!!! My Doctor always said just to stop when things did get uncomfy or if I was feeling really short of breath.
When I first found out our baby was a girl, I immediately thought about raising a STRONG, INDEPENDENT, CONFIDENT girl–easier said than done of course! Mine was a super squirmy one and she is definitely an active child now ?? My tiredness came mostly in the 2nd trimester and by the 3rd I was over it.
I had been noticing that they were coming in waves, however they were not regular enough to be real contractions! Our beautiful little prince, Eduardo Jonathan Saccone Joly was born April 9th 2014 at 13:12 weighing 7lbs 7oz.
I think not putting too much pressure on yourself enables you to accomplish the task at hand! With my first pregnancy I would go to my 5:30am spin class, come home have a bath and usually fall asleep in the tub!!!!
I really hope that is sooner rather than later–walking my Coop is a stress reliever for me…and him! Things are going well – I am now 29 weeks along… I can’t believe in less than 3 months I will be meeting my baby girl!! I didn’t think it was possible for this baby to be more active than my boys were, but she has definitely been competition!
The jeans are ASOS Maternity as is the cardigan (even though technically I don't think cardigans are ever really maternity!).
I still get heartburn especially right in the middle of the day around after I have lunch but thankfully it's not as bad as it was before (keeping me up at night and all that!).
My jogs are a bit slower these days and I’ve read that I might have to switch to the elliptical eventually depending on how running feels in a few weeks. Near the end of my pregnancy I was doing my best to walk every day but when I wasn’t, I had my feet up.

I actually ordered more items as I'm running out of clothes that fit and I'm getting bored of wearing the same 5 outfits over & over again! When my doctor took my blood pressure at my appointment this week he asked me whether I was feeling faint or light-headed as it was very low. Then with number two I kinda had to laugh at my first pregnancy because there’s no napping when you,re chasing a 1.5 yr old around!
Sound like you are listening well to your body and you’ve kept yourself fit and active as much as possible.
With my first child, I ran between 6-10 miles daily, in addition to other cardio daily and weight lifting until about 32 weeks, then slowly I had to start walking with incline and modifying more exercises. Take it easy when you feel you need to, and what everyone always told me, and what is so true … enjoy your naps and resting now while you can! With my boys, I was always wanting hot and spicy but with baby girl my heartburn gets pretty bad when I eat anything even remotely sour or spicy! The reason she is moving more is because she is gaining fat to smooth out that wrinkled skin which equates to more energy. And truthfully you need the rest for labor and delivery and the extremely interrupted sleep you have to look forward to! I am way more emotional and moody – extra hugs to my hubby and kids for putting up with me!!
While I didn’t end up a couch potato, I did limit my ventures out of the house to just taking my dog on short walks.
Oh my goodness – this week I have not been able to get enough of those peanut buttery treats.

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