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September 30, 2011 by Maryea 20 Comments First, I’d like to apologize for the pictures today. I should have taken the time to at least put some powder on, but I couldn’t fathom putting make up on right before bed.
At certain times during this pregnancy I’ve felt like the growth was gradual, but the last two weeks I think Baby Bean (and my belly) had a growth spurt. I had a lot of swelling at the end of my pregnancy with Meghan, and I’m starting to notice it a little bit in my hands and feet.

As for the name, I think it is totally okay to not have the name picked out till the baby arrives. I’m at nearly 36 weeks and my husband and I are JUST beginning to settle on a name…maybe! I'm having twin boys and they r very active my body hurts and they kick the heck outta my ribs.
I look as of im carrying one baby but its two in there and it has been a dificult pregnancy for me.

Swelling has started for me as well…have gone from engagement ring set, just to wedding ring, wont be long before I’m ringless!

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