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No real cravings that I can think of, but I am loving all of the fresh fruit and veggies that summer has to offer.
Most baby things are foreign to me, but interesting that drinking water helped with the Braxton Hicks contractions!
Disclaimer: This blog serves as an outlet for my own personal experiences, opinions, and relevant nutrition-related information, but is not meant to be used as a primary nutrition information source or "meal plan". I realized I’m probably not drinking enough water so I increased my water intake and those have calmed down a lot. Every once in a while I will add something else in that I think of, but I know I could be done with it right now and be absolutely a-okay.

I love that the little man is starting to pop out and plump up ?? Get those fluids in so the cramping stops, girly – I can text you water reminders if you like, hehe!
Glad you are feeling well and it’s fun to check in and see how everything with the pregnancy is going for you!
Before using this information to make any changes to your diet or lifestyle, I strongly recommend that you speak with your physician.
I love knowing that baby is with me when I run errands, go to work, and relax on the couch. I just laugh about it because there is nothing I can do except make a million lists and notes so I don’t forget things!

Simple tasks like pedicuring toenails and getting out of bed are starting to become more challenging.

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